Last LIVE Malloy of 2012!

Join us, Truthseekers, for the final LIVE Malloy show of 2012!  Mike will return on New Year’s Day to remember the flying monkey madness that dominated 2012.

We hope you will join us LIVE at 9PM ET this evening to discuss our tenuous teetering on the fiscal cliff, the Fall of the House of Boehner,  the utter lack of concern over global climate change even in the midst of another super-storm, Harry Reid’s latest charge against the Neocons, the debate over Chuck Hagel to become the new Secretary of Defense, and one college student’s dark findings in his study of turtles.

You heard that right.

And please watch this video, why sea ice matters.

Join your humble and obedient servant for the final three hours of fun and frivolity of 2012! Guaranteed too hot for corporate media, call 877-996-2556!


18 Responses to Last LIVE Malloy of 2012!

  1. So you’re off Friday and Monday. Well, hope it’s a wonderful long weekend for you, Mike!

    Looking forward to a more prosperous New Year for both of us!

    Be safe. :-)

  2. Ned

    Get a life..seriously dude. It’s people like you that drove me away from Mike’s website and his program

  3. It seems that the vampire sheriff Psycho Joe Arpaio is satisfied with the number of kids that were murdered in Newtown.

    Seriously, what the fuck is it with Maricopa County Arizona? Why do you continue to put this psycho nazi in as sheriff? This bastard won’t be happy until every fucking lunatic and nutjob has a gun and starts shooting at anything that walks. I read this and just couldn’t believe what I was reading. Sorry, but this country is finished, especially if there are criminally insane psychos like Arpaio calling for this type of insane bullshit.

  4. Glad you’re back. Perhaps Ned should break all his
    crayons into small pieces. They would be useless,
    but what the hell, more is better, right Ned?

  5. Hell Chucky, what could possibly go wrong here?
    I’m sure that those patrolling the schools will
    be fine upstanding, law abiding, clear-thinking,
    patriotic, minority-hating, knuckle draggers that
    would love nothing more than to play hero for a day.

  6. That should read Psycho Joe Arpaio “isn’t” satisfied with the number of kids that were murdered.

    My mistake.

  7. There is perhaps the biggest fight of this entire year
    to date brewing in Washington DC. The two sides could
    not be more determined to achieve victory over the other.
    One claims that it is America’s. The other one is. This
    week, as always, my favorite team is the one playing the
    Howdies. Go SKINS.

    You didn’t think I was going political, did you?

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