Johnny’s in the House!

Join Johnny Wendell  LIVE at 9PM ET from KTLK all week!  Many thanks to Johnny, Tony, and the good people at KTLK for all their help and hard work.

We are accepting sponsorships, Truthseekers, for our return August 6th onward – support your local Truthseeker and help us keep it lit!


9 Responses to Johnny’s in the House!

  1. Did you hear the good news about US Attorney General Eric Holder’s offer to Edward Snowden? If Snowden returns to the US, the US government won’t seek the death penalty against him! Isn’t that wonderful?

    Come on, Snowden, that’s an amazing offer and it won’t last forever. And for a limited time only, if you return to the US right now, we’ll put you in a cell right next to Bradley Manning’s! Just think, the two of you spending the rest of your mortal days together in Quantico. How fun is that?

    Don’t you love the liberal, socialist Obama Administration that has gone after more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined?

  2. Have a good week off. Just renewed my podcast subscription for another wonderful bull-shit free year!

  3. BTW Mike! I know it could be a rather pre-mature celebration. But Hannity and the pigman have just been dropped buy cumulus like waste being sprayed out of an airliner. Of course, clear channel still has these two scumbags on the air. Hopefully, the day is getting closer when they will be gone entirely from the airwaves. :D

  4. Bradley Manning found not guilty of “Aiding the Enemy.” Guess the
    Gov’t. didn’t want to get into that tricky stuff like… DEFINING
    THE ENEMY. Of course with the other charges, he is equally screwed.

  5. Podcasts of the guest hosts’s shows? Anyone? Or does my subscription go dormant for a week? What a lousy IT system Mike has. It’s really shameful.

  6. Don’t get your hopes up. They might go off the airwaves, and just switch to spreading their poison on satellite radio.

  7. Hope the Malloy’s are enjoying themselves; unfortunatly, for us there are no podcasts. Just like the last time the Malloy’s were off. The subs used to be posted; wtf.

  8. Appropriate for Church Night, the banner at the bottom shows up…
    Sorry, no podcasts of these shows… It’s a miracle!

    Thank you Jesus.
    Thank you Lord.
    Hallelujah, Amen.

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