1. How do I subscribe to the Podcast?

You can subscribe instantly to the Mike Malloy Show podcast here on a monthly or annual basis.

Or subscribe by mail (annual only).  Each annual podcast subscription is $59.40 and can be submitted by check or money order by request at webmaster@mikemalloy.com

Please include a note with a phone number and the email address you want associated with your podcast account.  You will receive an email with instructions after your mail order payment is processed.

2. Can I use the podcast with Itunes?

Yes. Log in to your account and select ‘Mikecast (Podcast)’  in the upper menu.

On this page, you will see a url. Copy this URL (select all/copy).


a. Open iTunes

b. Select ‘Advanced’ –> ‘Subscribe to Podcast’

c. A new window appears with a text box. Enter in the URL you copied and click OK

d. The latest episode will then start to automatically download into iTunes

e. Check the Podcast folder in your iTunes and look for Mike Malloy

3. I don’t have an Ipod can I still enjoy the podcast?

Yes. You can download the podcast using other podcasting systems (like Ipodder or Juice). You can also enjoy the podcast by downloading each hour directly to your desktop.

To Download the files to your Desktop

For Windows: Right Click on image link and select Save Image As

For Mac: Click on image link and hold down mouse key. Select Download Image To Disc

4. How do I upgrade from monthly to yearly?

Contact webmaster@mikemalloy.com

5. How do I cancel?

Contact webmaster@mikemalloy.com

6. My subscription is coming up for renewal! What do I do?

Nothing. The Mike Malloy Podcast subscription auto renews.

7. I need to update info like my email, user name or my credit card. Where do I do this?

Simply login to your account and select ACCOUNT in the menu. On this page there are several links to do all of the above.

Any other questions email  webmaster@mikemalloy.com

8. I forgot what card I used. What now?

Email  webmaster@mikemalloy.com  and we will provide the last four digits of the card used.

9. I can’t login. What now?

If all else has failed, like using the forgot password option emails us here webmaster@mikemalloy.com

10. What is the deal with the Community?

The Mike Malloy Official Community can be found here.  You can blog, post photos, video, chat and create your own Truthseeker profile.

One note is that there have been some changes with the company we are using for this service. Some good. Some bad. Unfortunately some of this has caused errors for some of you. We do not have complete control over this but are working hard to resolve each issue as it comes up.

Anything not covered feel free to email us here webmaster@mikemalloy.com

11. How do I donate a podcast?

Simply email webmaster@mikemalloy.com and you will be sent directions.