Caught on Tape

At some point you gotta wonder, is Trump trying to follow in Nixon’s footsteps so he will get himself impeached so he can return to the gilded towers of his reality TV life?  Maybe he’s tired of this act and sees the writing on the wall

Tapes???  For real?  He’s tweeting about secret recordings of his meeting with Comey? Right after firing the FBI director because Trump wanted to end the Russian investigation and Comey wouldn’t pledge loyalty to him.  And right after holding a no-American-press-allowed happy/smiley meeting with a known Russian spy….same comrad that lead to Flynn’s resignation.  Wow.  Just wow.  

It all screams Nixon, almost to the point of absurdity.  Is it possible Trump is so thick as a brick that he’s not aware of how his multitude of layered lies are cut from the same pattern as Nixon’s pre-impeachment behavior?

And now they’ve threatening to end White House press briefings.  Or perhaps they’ll just hold briefings for the Russian press, what the hell!

Stay tuned Truthseekers, it’s getting reeeal interesting.

Have a great weekend, and keep it lit!



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