Can Trump throw a garden party or what?  All those old white men hi-fiving and butt-slapping and taking selfies, congratulating each other for threatening the health care of millions of working Americans.  Yes my friends, it’s a great day to be a fat, rich, white House Republican.  

Now, what happens in the Senate is another kettle of fish.

We are a “classic” Malloy show tonight as Kathy attends a Girl Scout function, but listen to this one.  It’s from March of 2010, right after the Affordable Health Care bill was signed into law.  Listen to these  same Republicans go batshit crazy over the new law.  Heck, bloggers were calling for the execution of any Congressman who voted for it!

Mike returns LIVE tomorrow night to take on the flying monkey fascists who want to take your health care away.


Keep it lit!