Kathy Malloy again, filling in for my ailing husband as he continues to recover his voice from this flu.  Fingers crossed we hope he’s back behind the mic Thursday the 9th.   According to the CDC the vaccine this year was not 100% effective…..no duh.  Georgia was hit first and hit hard, and still has the most cases of flu nationwide.  I mention this only because after watching our Neocon congressmen during the House impeachment trial, I assumed it was biological warfare.  Some superior intelligence was attempting to improve the Georgia genome.

I was going to discuss this theory on the program last night, a little retrospective on Georgia Republicans – from Newt to Zell and Barr and now this crop of crackers. Thank the Great Spaghetti Monster that Lucy McBath and John Lewis are our reps.  And please send Rep. Lewis all the bright white healing energy you can muster Truthseekers.  He is literally fighting for his life. 

Then around 6PM Wednesday there was an Iranian response to the assassination of Soleimani and the stunning demonstration at his funeral, it attacking US Airbases in Iraq with ballistic missiles.  As the Mafia Don predicted, it became the only topic on the table.  My apologies again, for lacking the historic depth that Mike provides on these topics.  He has studied the region and lived through the tumultuous events, reporting on them at CNN.  All I can do is comment from a civilian perspective, as a Girl Scout leader and mom, and podcast producer and Realtor.  I offer gratitude for the latitude you’ve given me as Mike recovers.

Trump certainly had a reversal today, didn’t he?  Almost gave me whiplash.  After the hit job his Twitter feed was filled with Goodfellas gangsta wisecracks, threatening war crimes by bombing antiquities and innocent children. Then he saw the size and intensity of the funeral stampede.  If it’s one thing this Crime Boss respects, it’s crowd size. Holy shit – these people were literally committing suicide to worship this dead guy!  That’s huuuuuuuge,….bigger than Kim Jong Crazy, even!

So last night he tucked tail and Tweeted a meek “oops – just kidding!” response and ducked the cameras, canceling an announced public address.  Relax, it’s all good in Trumpland, baby! Have a cannoli and fughettaboutit

Had to wait until today.  Had to check in with his team of special advisers first – Hannity, Killmeade, Pirro – then run it by Limbaugh.  Had to get the wording right, make the correct accusations against Obama.He gathered a full house of press and lined up some military brass as human statues, threw open the massive wood doors and strode to the podium to read meaningless statements from the Teleprompter designed to keep our remaining allies from disconnecting all the hot lines. And forestall a stock market crash.

The stonewalling continues on the “intelligence” that tripped Trumps twitter finger and made him hot to kill Soleimani. The administration briefing of Congress today  – finally –  from the Defense Department about the “imminent threat” Soleimani posed was met with mixed reviews.  Most Neocons sided with Tony Soprano (who could be replaced in a reboot by Mike Pompeo – right?) and said the hit job was justified, but a few exceptions, notably Mike Lee from Utah, disagreed.  That will be where we begin, Truthseekers, if you will indulge me on day Three of my guest hosting for Mike.

Keep sending those positive healing vibes this way – for Rep. Lewis and for Mike’s vocal cords!