Kathy Malloy here, I’ve been wired since Chief Justice Roberts walked into the senate chamber, thankfully in a plain black robe, free from billowing gold armbands.

Since then I’ve suffered some kind of Trump Crime Family induced insomnia that has me watching C-SPAN re-runs of parts I missed.  I’m going to skip  *“Sekulow Saturday” and catch the synopsis.  What can these consiglieres say?  They gotta follow da boss’ orders and say the call was “perfect.”

Pat Cipollone has to do his job, as White House legal counsel, to argue the President’s defense as best he can.  Which is not very competently, as it turns out.

Then we have the unlikely pairing of various Fox TV legal “analysts” like  Ken Starr and Robert Ray – the Ghosts of Impeachmas Past, ready to resume panty-sniffing if it involves Stormy Daniels or a Female Trump Crime Family member.

Pam Bondi, Rudy Guiliani, and Jay Sekulow round up the team, a trio of un-indicted co-conspirators named in many of the Impeachment briefs.  Another First!  Never seen a Defense team named in the evidence. Why not?

How incompetent is Trump’s legal team?  Bad enough that Neocon MAGA-mind Matt Gaetz trained his beady eyes on a Politico reporter in the Senate hall and bitched that Team Trump’s Opening Defense was worse than “an eighth-grade book report.”  That stings, especially from one of Trump’s most zealous Apostles.

Guess they’ll start with Cipollone tomorrow, he’s the most stable, if not articulate.  Pass. I’ll skip tomorrow’s cryin’ towel Senate session where they’ll whine and moan that the House Managers haven’t presented “anything new” to warrant a witness, much less a conviction.  Like we didn’t just watch them vote 9 times on Tuesday to block new witnesses and documents.

Don’t believe what you see, The Don tells his worshippers, it’s the democrats who block our witnesses.  Remember? Of course they gotta protect da Boss, because a John Bolton testimony would expose the “drug deal” he ordered Guiliani to make with Ukraine.

After all, CBS News is reporting that “One Trump confidant tells CBS news that GOP Senators have been warned: “Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike.” If true, it might explain why they have thrown themselves on their swords to make sure Donald Trump is protected, even if it means the US Constitution will be virtually invalidated because the President is Now Officially Above the Law and can kill somebody on 5th Avenue in broad daylight and get away with it.

And when he does it, our nation is gone.


*As an aside, Sekulow grew up in Atlanta.  His little brother lives in town, Rabbi Scott Sekulow, founder of the Messianic Jewish Congregation Beth Adonai .  He’s also known as the Flippin’ Rabbi, not because he flipped for Jesus and converted, but because he’s also a real estate wholesaler and house flipper.  But he gives his 10% to “Yeshua.”  He has a radio show with a logo that shows him popping out of a jelly donut. Because you can’t make this shit up.




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