Happy Belated New Year Decade, Truthseekers!  2020 is off to an unpleasant start, with all three Malloys sick with Type A Influenza, with a dash of laryngitis for Mike.  So Kathy ad-libbed four nights last week, which probably explains why the podcast subscriptions came to a screeching halt (!).   Mike is LIVE tonight on the Progressive Voices Network, with commentary on the descent into delusional madness we are witnessing on Twitter and the telescreens.  And an update on the global fires that are permanently changing the landscape and habitats in so many different countries.

In 2020 we remain committed to see this to the end, to continue this broadcast until this threat to America, this orange Constitutional crisis, this national disgrace, is over.  That’s only possible with your ongoing support.  We greatly appreciate all the ways you continue to help us keep it lit – and keep the lights on in the Daniel Scapin Studio.

And good news!  The new shipment of books has arrived, so if you recently ordered a SIGNED copy of Colored Ice Cream, Mike is signing and we are shipping those this week!  You can get an unsigned copy on Amazon delivered in two days at a discount, if you don’t want to wait for a signature.

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