Finally, Truthseekers!  Our Spring Fundraiser has arrived!

We just celebrated our first anniversary since we left our business partners and became completely independent broadcasters – we made it! Happy to say Resistance Radio is still raging into the night from 9 – 10pm ET on the Progressive Voices Network.

We’ve learned a few things our first year flying solo and are making some adjustments:

  1. Our Democratic Republic is in danger of falling to fascism and we’re in the fight of our lives to save it
  2. Mike still has much more screaming inside him when the show ends at 10pm
  3. Bandwidth is really expensive

As a result of these lessons learned, starting Monday March 9, 2020 our Malloycast subscribers will get . . . 


When the show ends at 10pm on Progressive Voices, the ranting continues exclusively for Malloycast subscribers. Every night will be different – might be an extra ten minutes or two hours, who knows? It’ll depend on the flying monkey outrage of the day.  And we will still produce a weekend bonus show for subscribers, too. 


And thee’s more!  Join us around the new SuperSized Malloy Campfire and enjoy a . . . 


Join the Resistance risk-free and cancel at any time. And as a special thank-you for your support, Mike will give you a personal shout-out on the air (optional).

Visit and follow the link for a Free Month of Malloy

Your values are reflected in what you value. Kathy and I know you have hundreds of options when you consider what progressive podcasts or causes you choose to support. That’s why we are so grateful to have you as listeners.

I’ll continue to fight the Flying Monkey Right until they pry the microphone from my cold, stiff fingers, as long as you’re out there with me.

Keep it lit,




Greetings Truthseekers!

Kathy Malloy here, Mike, Molly and I will be in NYC over Memorial Day weekend and we’d love to see you! Molly’s Atlanta Young Singers Choir is again performing at Carnegie Hall, and just like 3 years ago, we are planning a meet-n-greet in the city on . . . 

Saturday May 23rd at 1PM – location TBA.

And once again, our GOOD friend Sam Seder will be there! Tara Devlin of Republican Dirty Tricks is confirmed, and we may be joined by other surprise progressive podcasters.

This is a FREE event, open to all, and is not a book signing event. We promise, no book readings – just fun, frivolity, and fellowship with other Truthseekers.

PLEASE RSVP here or email Kathy so she knows how many home-baked cookies to bring. 

To recap –, free campfire gathering May 23 in NYC, Sam, Tara, cookies.