Hi Truthseekers, Kathy Malloy here.  Sorry for the radio silence, the last few days have been rugged.

It’s Monday again.  Do you share that feeling, Truthseekers?  These weeks droning into each other, while we are held hostage by the criminal negligence of this asshat in the Oval Office?  I’m writing this now while waiting for a Zoom call for a virtual PTSA board meeting and the daily nightmare briefing from Donald Trump.  What a surreal dichotomy. Molly has made the best of things.  Virtual classes and virtual proms, online birthday parties and reconstructed AP exams.  I’ve been gardening and pulling weeds, cursing Trump with every tug.  Hurling rocks across the yard instead of shooting the television.

Mike has the microphone, thank Goddess. And he’s not afraid to use it!  Even better.  We need more screaming these days.  Primal screams into the night for the thousands of victims of this virus, people the POTUS cares nothing about.

He uses these briefings to spout the most dangerous pseudoscience BS, and attack his perceived enemies.  And goddam, there are a lot of them.  Can you imagine a President Obama cursing the press and the Nobel nominating committee, various state governors and his political rivals while tens of thousands of Americans are taking their last breaths on ventilators?  Their families absent, separated, watching through plastic when they die?  Or President Hillary Clinton? What a difference a stolen election makes.

As you did, I watched stunned while an American president suggested Americans inject cleaning fluid – like Jim Jones.  Then watched him attack reporters who questioned his homicidal suggestion.  Where are we?  I ask this all the time, mostly for myself.  This isn’t our country anymore – it belongs to lunatics.  Trump sent Betsty DeVos to mobilize her minions to bus hundreds of fake protesters around the country to force some kind of premature  business reopening, once his handlers finally got the message to penetrate the AquaNet — he wasn’t actually a King who could decree “ALL BUSINESSES SHALL BE OPENED!”  How many more dead now?  One of his human props has now taken ill, how many will follow?

Then the West Point students, forced to return to viral ground zero for a photo op.  Even worse than Raisin Brain’s “Mission Accomplished” debacle. He doesn’t care if we live or die.  You know that, we know that – – why is it taking so many Americans so long to figure that out?  Don’t MAGA-minds get sick, too?  Or have they been so brainwashed by the Fox News propaganda machine to believe Trump is really doing everything a POTUS could to manage the epidemic.

Math is fuzzy for them, understood, so they don’t comprehend that the USA is dramatically behind every other nation in the world in prevention and mitigation.  Scary that these folk walk among us.  Many are on my Facebook feed.  I can’t understand these Georgians who support Brian Kemp as he reopens Georgia massage parlors, nail salons, restaurants, and bowling alleys.  “If you don’t want to go – don’t go!”  Completely dumb to contact tracing, and common sense.

I’ll leave you with this brilliant piece from Daily Kos that sums it all up.  For today anyway.  It’s time for the Trump Show and my virtual PTSA meeting.  Keep it lit, wash your hands, and vote Biden 2020.

On Saturday, there was no scheduled White House briefing on the COVID-19 crisis. This follows an abbreviated Friday session in which Donald Trump made only brief remarks and left without taking question. And that follows a Thursday session in which Trump suggested drinking or injecting disinfectant as a possible treatment. As well as finding a way to put a bright UV light “inside the body.” All of which makes it seem that, after allowing Trump to spew unchecked for hour after hour, he may finally have said something so obviously awful that even Trump may feel … what is that feeling … that strange, strange feeling … is it … embarrassment?

Maybe. But it’s certainly anger. Because the hunt for someone else to blame goes on.

Trump’s first go-to in the search for someone to take the fall went to his standard fall guys, with the current kinda-sorta press secretary Kayleigh McEnany calling out the press for taking Trump “out of context” while claiming that Trump never tried to give medical advice. The only problem with that is that there was no “context,” other than the context of how the networks have been broadcasting Trump’s increasingly off the rails press events in full. Actually, that’s not the only problem, because McEnany’s statement also requires ignoring the dozens of other times Trump tried to dispense advice.

Right-wing media, both on Fox News and radio, tried to help out by coming up with the pretense that Trump was talking about some new and radical treatment—something too cool to be known by plain old medical doctors like Deborah Birx or Anthony Fauci. Are they supergenius messiahs? No! Then how can they be aware of the brilliance of ideas like a Clorox vape? There doesn’t yet seem to be a body count attached to this particular effort to own the libs … but it’s early.

Meanwhile, the White House seems to have pinned down a new scapegoat for Bleachgate. As The Washington Post reports, the whirling finger of blame has landed on Department of Homeland Security undersecretary William Bryan. And what did Bryan do? He had a briefing for Trump in which he discussed how UV light and disinfectants were effective in removing coronavirus from surfaces. Apparently, when giving this information to Trump, Bryan neglected to say that surfaces doesn’t include the interior of lungs or veins.

Apparently, a number of White House officials had deep concerns about this demonstration of cleaning something being taken in front of Donald Trump. Several people seemed to believe that Bryan had a lot of information in his presentation, and that the whole thing “was not ready” to go in front of Trump. Dr. Fauci seems to have predicted where Trump would take it, with worries the presentation might be taken as “the cure for humans.”

Of course, it’s understandable that Trump had to be given a briefing on how things are cleaned. For Trump, a can of Lysol or a jug of Clorox are arcane objects he has never handled in his life. He may have glimpsed such things being wielded by invisible people who scurried in to clear away the remains of his latest donuts and taco salad conquest. Or he made demand that those people only come out at night. Anyway, it’s an easy bet that he’s never used any such product in his entire life.

Really, people should understand that Trump has never used a disinfectant, never swiped a cleaning cloth, and never even contemplated whether a load of laundry needs a shot of bleach. These things are all new to him. Exotic. It shouldn’t be surprising that Donald Trump had to be given a briefing on how to clean a counter top, or that he had no understanding of the chemicals involved. After all, he’s not a plain old fool. He’s a rich fool.

If you’ve ever wondered why there were warning levels on the side of consumer products, the answer appears to be: Donald Trump.

Warning: Not to be taken internally. Keep refrigerated after opening. Do not place toaster in the oven.