March Monday Truthseekers!  Mike is in route to Washington DC today so he can bring you two days of interviews from lawmakers and policy makers about the upcoming Supreme Court decision that could descimate the Affordable Care Act.  HEre’s some background on the issue from

The Obama administration says it has no contingency plan for the 7 million to 8 million people who would lose health subsidies if the Supreme Court were to invalidate a key provision of Obamacare.

On Wednesday, the high court will hear arguments in King v. Burwell, a case that will determine whether the health law’s premium subsidies are legal in 34 states that did not set up their own insurance exchanges and rely on to enroll their residents. If the court decides they’re not, an estimated 7 million to 8 million people would be cut off. The cost of insurance would rise sharply and millions could end up uninsured. It would unravel much of the president’s signature domestic achievement.

We are an encore show tonight, but be sure to tune in on Wednesday and Thursday for two days of important discussion on this LIVE from Washington DC!


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  1. Dot in Seattle

    When americans care more about the color of a motherfucking dress than children not getting vaccinated shows how pathetic this country has become. I really didn’t give a shit if Homeland Security shut down. I was actually hoping it would. My feelings towards the whole DHS/GOP/tea bagger bullshit can be summed up in a quote from the 2008 movie “Doomsday” :”They started this fire. They can burn in it.” Maybe if Homeland Security shut down, americans would finally pull their heads out of their asses and wake up to the fact that the GOP wants to destroy this country and is a bigger threat than ISIS or any other terrorist group. Nah….americans are too fucking stupid to figure that out. They would just blame the gays, the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the elderly or some “other” group that isn’t like them.

      1. Dot in Seattle

        Greg, are you sure your wife isn’t talking about the drunk John Boner? I wish he’d fucking leave! Actually I think it would be hysterically funny, while doing one of his usual booze soaked press conferences, that he gets violently ill and pukes all over himself. THAT would be great television! 😀

        1. Greg East of Toledo

          Dot, I heard a news clip on Saturday that said the tea party rats want Boner out. He should not have compromised a 3 week stay in funding the DHS, instead of standing firm against the immigration bill.

          1. Dot in Seattle

            The tea bagging septic tank slime suckers won’t be happy until this country is a pile of smoking debris with them as the only controlling party. They also want christian sharia laws running every aspect of our lives and if you don’t like it, there will be a few “re-education” camps waiting. They are nothing but a bunch of bible waving Nazis wearing the american flag. I put them in the same category as ISIS. Give them enough power and they’ll be telling people “convert or die”. They remind me of the Necromongers from the movie “The Chronicles of Riddick”. Religious fanatics going across the universe killing and destroying anyone and everyone who refuses to convert. That’s the tea bagger party. They don’t believe in compromise. “It’s our way or no way” is their motto. They’re like a group of psychotic, spoiled, vicious children. They don’t give a shit about anybody or anything except for themselves and their agenda. If they ever gain control of the white house and congress, this country will truly be doomed.

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