12 Angry Men

This photo pretty much defines what every woman in America was thinking as he led the angry white men in their various screaming rants.

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If you missed today’s historic hearing, read this excellent summary by R. Eric Thomas writing for Elle magazine.  More to follow . . . .

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing testimony, relating to a sexual assault he allegedly committed, clocked in at a flabbergasting 45 minutes. During his time, Kavanaugh vacillated wildly between excoriating the senators in front of whom he sat, welling up with emotion, pausing to compose himself, drinking water, and sometimes banging on the table. He spoke about his family, his parents, his love of beer, his female friends, the women he picked to clerk for him, and the team he coaches.

Kavanaugh repeatedly interrupted, talked over, and yelled at Democratic senators. He was petulant and surly; he refused, multiple times, to say whether he’d be in favor of an FBI investigation; he was by turns hostile, aggrieved, and weepy. He has every right to his emotions but the gathered body, and the general public, would never have allowed such a display from Dr. Ford, or any woman. Kavanaugh benefited unequivocally from a double standard that we apply to women that polices their behavior, their expressions of emotions, and their anger. Women, particularly women in the public eye, are required to maintain composure, to be agreeable, and to be responsive.

Brett Kavanaugh, in attempting to defend his character and prove he was worthy of a seat passing judgement in the highest court in the nation, gave a messy, angry, unprofessional tantrum that was unbecoming of the appointment he seeks. I can’t speak to his thought process during today’s testimony, but as a man and someone who benefits daily from male privilege, I know that he never once stopped and asked himself: “How can I be more helpful?”


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  1. George Hublitz

    Sickening. Li’l Bratt Kavanaugh’s despicable nasty behavior and remarks to Dem. Senators. And Chief Grassass saying NOTHING to admonish the spoiled little twerp.!! Li’l Bratt was pissed that he dare be even questioned.!! Ahhhhhh.!!!!

  2. TakeTheCannoli2

    Here’s the advantage to a criminal president if he appoints another criminal to a high position: should the appointee go against the president, the president can expose the appointee’s past. What’s to stop Trump from conducting a secret investigation of Ol’ Rapey Kavey? If the investigation proves accusations of Dr. Ford and other women accurate, Trump can use blackmail to keep him toeing the line.

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