Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber

Doctors dragged off airplanes, live murders broadcast on Facebook, Utah’s firing squad executions . . . . Our nation is going insane.

On North Korean border, Pence tells CNN US will drop 'failed policy'And Mike Pence shows up at the DMZ wearing a Bushesque leather flight jacket and Kim Jong Crazy vows to test missiles on a weekly basis.  We should’ve dressed Pence up like Dennis Rodman, maybe.  Oh, and in a UN press conference N. Korean representative suggested that the US is prompting a nuclear war.  Yeah, we’re in deep shit.  CNN has more:

Only at a North Korean press conference at the United Nations, can you hear a diplomat say he hoped journalists had a good holiday weekend and then warn of possible thermonuclear war.

North Korea has consistently issued threats of war toward the United States in recent decades, but the Trump administration’s announced end of a “strategic patience” policy with Pyongyang has upped the ante in terms of warnings and bellicose rhetoric. North Korea’s UN deputy representative, Kim In Ryong, on Monday unleashed at a hastily called UN press conference a torrent of threats, war scenarios and rhetoric aimed at the United States. 

North Korea’s UN ambassador condemned the US naval buildup in the waters off the Korean Peninsula, plus the US missile attacks on Syria.
Kim said, “It has created a dangerous situation in which thermonuclear war may break out at any moment on the peninsula and poses a serious threat to world peace and security.”
While reporters at the United Nations have heard similar rhetoric from North Koreans before, Monday’s forceful wording was on a higher level.
The deputy ambassador, reading from a statement, told reporters, “The US is disturbing the global peace and stability and insisting on the gangster-like logic that its invasion of a sovereign state is ‘decisive, and just, and proportionate’ and contributes to ‘defending’ the international order in its bid to apply it to the Korean Peninsula as well.”
Kim said his country is ready to react to any “mode of war” from the United States. Any missile or nuclear strike by the United States would be responded to “in kind,” said the North Korea representative.
The USS Carl Vinson carrier-led Navy strike group was sent to the Korean Peninsula. North Korea’s UN representative said the maneuvers show the “US reckless moves for invading the DPRK (North Korea) have reached a serious phase.”
The United Nations is clearly worried. Spokesman Stephane Dujarric told journalists, “We’re obviously deeply concerned about the rising tensions that we’ve seen in the Korean Peninsula. We call on all to redouble their diplomatic efforts. “
The North Korean deputy ambassador was asked to respond to President Donald Trump’s comment that North Korea should “behave better.” He declined, instead wrapping up numerous questions about US policy and Pence’s visit to the DMZ into a long series of criticisms of the United States.
He denounced the United States for introducing into the Korean Peninsula — what he called “the world’s biggest hotspot” — its “huge nuclear strategic assets, seriously threatening peace and security of the Peninsula and pushing the situation there to a brink of war.”
How long can these two psychotic haircuts posing as global leaders maintain this standoff before one of them gets twitchy and does something phenomenally stupid?  And with Syrian tensions escalating, how many proxy wars can we dip into at once?
Stay tunes, it’s getting freakier by the day . . . .

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  1. George Hublitz

    Mike. The crazier it gets, the calmer you get. No screaming today.?? I appreciated your open sharing about important things about you, your family, about Molly. I was with you when she was born. What an advanced being she is. A lucky girl, has Mike Malloy as her father.! Thanks always for being there, for us, fellow truthseekers. I am in bed 99% of time with spine + -damage/pain. I get to listen to you most every day. – Love to you all. ,, George

  2. Doctor Who

    Mike lost me again with his program on Wednesday. Still unknowingly shoveling out the propaganda on “Russian Interference” that the anti-progressive Dem elites and their lemmings in the mainstream, corporate media want. Mike needs to read Orwell’s “1984” again and watch that little documentary called “Manufacturing Consent” as well.

    By the way, it would also help for Mike to listen to some young, fresh progressive voices out there that are not being fooled. Such as Kyle Kulinski and Mike Figueredo.

  3. Doctor Who

    Mike, whenever I hear “Russian Interference”, I’m turning off your program. I don’t like propaganda meant to brainwash people from focusing on the real issues that matter. Wake up, Mike. You’ve been duped by the anti-progressive, Dem elites and their soulless lemmings in the corporate, mainstream media.

  4. TakeTheCannoli2

    “The real takeaway from Bill O’Reilly’s downfall should be that at Fox News they’ll tolerate powerful men who like to grab women by the pussy, but they draw the line when you start to grab Fox News by the wallet.”

    – Francis Maxwell. The Young Turks

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