Truthseekers, we are bringing you an encore Malloy Show tonight.  Mike had a rugged experience in physical therapy today and is resting with some ice and medication.  Might be pushing it a bit too hard.

He will return LIVE tomorrow to recap the many abuses of power Trump unleashed over the weekend, and read your sponsorship messages!

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  1. George

    Wow Mike, you’re still recovering from surgery eh. I’m glad I didn’t have it. I’m disabled for 30+ years with horrible back damage/pain. I’m Not a good candidate for surgery. That’s how I was able to listen to you for countless years.! Do you think the surgery will Fix your problem and pain.? I hope so Mike. I’ll be listening.! Thoughts and Prayers,, errrrr, sorry. George

  2. Joni Ellsworth

    Get well soon, Mike and I hope you are feeling better. I have been meaning to thank you and Kathy for taking out the commercial breaks on the podcasts. I guess those listening for free online still have to sit through them. I certainly agreed with the ideology of all of them, but listening to the same material over and over again was really tiresome. Those who pay twenty-five cents per podcast deserved a break and I commend you both for this significant improvement to the podcast. So it is once again a total pleasure and boost to my sanity to keep it lit with ya’ll. As Marge used to famously say, “Don’t let the bastards get you down!” Oh, and good luck with the book!

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