Monday Midterm Madness

The eve of the Woodward book – what troubled nightmares The Donald will suffer tonight.

Did you know Duncan Hunter had a stable of mistresses – and they didn’t come cheap.  Taxpayer-funded nookie is a Trump specialty.  Hunter might lose the seat, but there’s nothing the Koch Brothers can’t solve with a half a billion dollars in soft money to gun-crazy corptocrats. 

Thanks Citizen’s United!

There was a rare sighting of Sarah Huckabee Sanders todaym and if you just shut your eyes and listened to the questions – it was revelatory. This White House is neck deep in it’s own swamp water and no sump pump in sight.  The sheer width and breadth and variety of political, social, and human rights scandals Trump faces is stunning.  No wonder he locks himself in his bedroom and spends his days eatin’ and tweetin’

This reality tv show if finally facing cancellation, what’s left to destroy?


And now, about our video casts.  Five years ago we held a fundraiser and purchased video equipment and began live streaming.  Sadly, piece by piece that system has broken down and our video broadcasts became erratic.  The cameras still work, but the broadcast machine is officially toast.  We are working on a solution, but do not have video tonight.  

Please continue to listen on Progressive Voices and to the podcast, we will post video updates here.


Check our previous post for a Book update, with photos!

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Mike on Progressive Voices, unfortunately, sounds like listening to a a tiny transistor radio that’s not quite tuned thru a pipe. Barely, but listenable. When Mike starts yelling though, it sound like gravel being forced thru that pipe. Good thing Mike is not prone to yelling.

    Maybe you could run the video and get Garrett Morris to do the sub-titled audio.

  2. Robert

    Democrats are not talking impeachment for fear of activating the GOP base. I SUGGEST…dems talk to dems about it, as it will ACTIVATE them, and make statements about this in venues where dems dominate. It is about turnout. Don t activate the others base when avoidable, but don t fail to activate your own!

  3. Dot in Seattle

    Paul Manafort has pled guilty and will cooperate with Mueller:
    I know all the little trumptards will fail their pasty white arms in the air and scream “Witch Hunt! Fake News! Lock her up! Benghaziiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!”
    I do wonder though, how will the trumptards react if or when Donny Dotard has a heart attack and dies? The bloated stupid fuck eats nothing but Big Macs and guzzles Diet Coke. It’s just a matter of time before he tips over. I’m hoping that those dumb asses flip out and and throw themselves into the nearest body of water and drown themselves. We probably couldn’t get that lucky…….

  4. Joni Ellsworth

    Okay let me get this straight. For the shitheels who were too cheap to make a donation to the Kickstarter campaign, and who neglected to order a book at that time, they can now order a book and get a signed copy. For suckers like me, who made a generous donation, twice, because I had no idea how Kickstarter worked, and who pre-ordered the book over a year ago, we will not be getting a signed copy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike and Kathy to pieces, and I realize this is a come-on to sell more books. But it does seem like this is just one more example of how they have a talent for pissing off their most loyal fans. 

  5. Denny NNWofLA

    With the (FAKE) hurricane going on, Manafort spilling his guts (LIES!) and the Kavanaugh (BEST JUDGE EVER!) supreme court nominee being vigorously challenged, El Cheeto has been remarkably quiet this weekend. I heard he was “sequestered” this weekend. Striking me as a strange description, I wondered if that meant “restrained”. Or was he locked up in a padded room thrashing about with Jeff Sessions in a headlock who was yelling, “Sedagive! Somebody give him a sedagive!”

    Could it be that reality has finally began to set in? Has he seen the score board that reads, Special Counsel’s Results To Date:
    32 people indicted.
    6 guilty pleas.
    1 conviction.
    3 jailed.

  6. Denny NNWofLA

    In so many ways, Donald Trump has ruined so many things, from fair taxation to medical care, the environment, education, housing and now… just let me say, in short, I will never be able to look at a mushroom the same way again, let alone eat one. But I will take great delight in mowing down any toad stools (aka presidential dick-heads) found growing in my yard.

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