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Church Night, Truthseekers, and we all need some spiritual assistance this cold winter night.  Gotta have faith that the US intelligence agencies charged with preventing domestic and foreign terrorist acts, prosecuting dangerous criminals, fighting drug cartels, stopping human trafficking, and essentially protecting us ‘Mericans from all manner of bad stuff can withstand the unconscionable attacks from the Commander in Chief.

These public servants, who worked to protect law and order even without pay, are called naive weaklings by the draft dodger who cares more about protecting Russian interests than the American people.  Why the Don still has GOP support even as he publically derides, demeans and diminishes his own Intelligence Chiefs is a mystery we hope to understand one day…perhaps when we learn the truth about Russia/NRA contributions to Mitch, Lindsay, and the other Neocons who defend the “president” even as he undermines our national security.

Never thought we’d see a chief executive dumber than Dubya and so clearly compromised by a hostile foreign dictator, with so many prominent Republicans standing silently by his side.  You just have to wonder what McConnell, Graham, Cruz et al would’ve done had Obama held secret meetings with Putin, destroyed the transcripts, and lied about it.  Just that one action- forget everything else- would’ve triggered Impeachment proceedings before Air Force One hit the tarmac.

Lets never let them forget their hypocrisy, and complete complicity in this national security nightmare Trump created.

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall.
    So yuge, beautiful and ever so tall.
    He told everybody, “Mexico will pay!”
    But Mexico laughed and said, “No way Jose!”

    Nancy’s refusal to give him his way
    left him huffing and puffing in utter dismay.
    “I’ll shut down the government.
    I’ll do it today.”

    You’re hurting your people.
    We know you are mad.
    Could this be a distraction?
    This Russian thing’s bad.

    All we are hearing are
    lies after lies.
    Your staff all around you
    are dropping like flies.

    Mueller is closing
    it looks very bad.
    He knows who you are:
    The Man From Vlad.

  2. Dot in Seattle

    With Mueller closing in on Donny Dotard, I’m really, really worried that the traitor-in-chief is going to start a war with Iran (bad idea) and invade Venezuela (another bad idea). His tiny dick gets hard thinking about killing as many Iranians as possible and stealing Venezuela’s oil. Lil Donny is so stupid that he “thinks” that going to war with Iran will be easy. Fighting Iran will NOT be like fighting Iraq. If you thought the war with Iraq was brutal, nasty and ugly, just wait until we fuck with Iran. This is from Newsweek 7/23/18: “There is no prospect of Iran launching a conventional war against the U.S. Tehran is simply not a conventional military threat to America. It would be far more likely to rely on covert and asymmetric operations—for example, cyber or terror attacks—against U.S. targets or its allies in the Middle East.

    Observers are generally agreed that an invasion of Iran would be significantly more challenging and bloody than the Iraq War. Though Saddam was ousted within weeks, years of guerilla warfare left nearly 5,000 Americans dead, tens of thousands of soliders wounded, and hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties.

    Iraq is a much smaller country than Iran, and its terrain is much better suited to the U.S. armored charges that terrified their opponents in 2003. This would not be just another Middle Eastern intervention, however—war with Iran would be a devastating prospect for all involved.” Devastating prospect…….yeah, no shit.
    And as for Venezuela, trump is going to do something absolutely, mind numbingly stupid. You can just feel it in the air. As Ramsey Bolton (in Game of Thrones) told Theon Greyjoy while he was torturing him “If you think this ends well, you haven’t been paying attention.”
    The GOP/KKK/Neo Nazis aren’t going to impeach/remove trump because they’ve been compromised too. I can just imagine what the Russians hackers found when they hacked into the RNC computers. Mitch McConnell and all the rest of those bastards are probably more corrupt that we could possible imagine.

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