Artificial Intelligence

Church Night, Truthseekers, and we all need some spiritual assistance this cold winter night.  Gotta have faith that the US intelligence agencies charged with preventing domestic and foreign terrorist acts, prosecuting dangerous criminals, fighting drug cartels, stopping human trafficking, and essentially protecting us ‘Mericans from all manner of bad stuff can withstand the unconscionable attacks from the Commander in Chief.

These public servants, who worked to protect law and order even without pay, are called naive weaklings by the draft dodger who cares more about protecting Russian interests than the American people.  Why the Don still has GOP support even as he publically derides, demeans and diminishes his own Intelligence Chiefs is a mystery we hope to understand one day…perhaps when we learn the truth about Russia/NRA contributions to Mitch, Lindsay, and the other Neocons who defend the “president” even as he undermines our national security.

Never thought we’d see a chief executive dumber than Dubya and so clearly compromised by a hostile foreign dictator, with so many prominent Republicans standing silently by his side.  You just have to wonder what McConnell, Graham, Cruz et al would’ve done had Obama held secret meetings with Putin, destroyed the transcripts, and lied about it.  Just that one action- forget everything else- would’ve triggered Impeachment proceedings before Air Force One hit the tarmac.

Lets never let them forget their hypocrisy, and complete complicity in this national security nightmare Trump created.

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