We are living a Daliesque surreal, dripping nightmare.  We are so far down the rabbit hole, the sunken place, we may never dig out way out.

Did you ever think you would see an entire political party so cynical and corrupt they willingly look the other way and/or actively help coverup obvious crimes by a sitting president?  Can you imagine Lindsay Graham, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordon, or Mitch McConnell’s spittle-spewing outrage if Obama had nuzzled up to dictators and murderers like Putin, Kim, and MBE?

Speaking of the Saudi prince who likes to vivisect his enemies- Jared Kushner, with full security clearance, just had another super secret meeting with MBE to disclose who knows what top secret national security.  Just like we may never know what his Don in Law handed over to Putin in his hours-long private conversations. 

And the Neocons are okay with this!  The law and order party, the big ass “Proud to Be an American” Patriots find this incredibly reckless, dangerous behavior ….tossing around national secrets with enemy nations…..just fine and dandy!

As long as Trump is popular with his knuckle-dragging “base,” they don’t care what he does.  He probably could murder somebody on 5th avenue and they’d still support him.  Seriously, what the hell is going on?  

A new Q-Anon conspiracy theory book, which asserts that prominent Democrats murder and eat children and that the U.S. government created both AIDS and the movie Monsters Inc., is an Amazon 5-star best seller.

And how does Kristen Nielsen sleep at night? How can she deny the horrors of Trump’s  policy of child separation and caging?  Her department “lost” hundreds of babies they kidnapped from their parents, without so much as an “oops, my bad!”

Just horriffic. History will remember these Trump minions as monsters

Every day, The Don opens mouth and inserts foot.  This time he told reporters that his once beloved legal representative Michael Cohen asked him personally for a pardon, but he said, “no!”

He just can’t stop himself from witness tampering and obstructing juctice in front of God, your momma and everybody.

 All of this, and more! On the program tonight.


Book is at the publishing house and soon on it’s way to our early pre-orders!  Thank you for your patience.

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