Call a Chiropractor

spinelessWhat does it take for the Democrats to locate their spines?  Do they need a map?  Anatomy book?  They control the House, Senate, and White House.  Why won’t they prosecute any Bush Crime Family minions for . . . . anything?  Not for war crimes, not for illegal warrantless wiretaps, and now – not for ordering torture, either? What are they afraid of?

According to the AP, “Human rights groups and former detainees in U.S. custody expressed disappointment Friday with the decision by President Barack Obama not to prosecute CIA operatives who used interrogation practices described by many as torture. Obama aimed to turn a page on what he called “a dark and painful chapter,” condemning the aggressive techniques — including waterboarding, shackling and stripping — used on terror suspects while promising not to legally pursue the perpetrators, was designed to allow the U.S. to put the episodes in the past.”

So, when they hold all the chips, why are the Democrats so hesitant to take action against those evildoers who so criminally ravaged our global image, national conscious, Constitution and Republic? Are they still afraid of Dick Cheney?

We’ll talk about it tonight.

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