Next Time Try the Bugs Again

cheneyAn Article in the Christian Science Monitor asks if the practice of waterboarding is effective, given that the CIA used it 266 times to torture two prisoners.  Gee . . . think that’s a bit, uhm, excessive, even if they were just following orders from Darth Cheney? Doesn’t common sense kick in at some point?  After this particular form of torture failed to elicit any decent intelligence after, say, 225 failed attempts, why keep on simulating the drowning 266 TIMES!? What’s the point?  Why?  Did Cheney just run out of Viagra and need a boost?

Interrogators, who spoke to the New York Times on condition of anonymity, said they believed Zubaydah told them everything he knew before waterboarding began. They communicated this to agency higher-ups in Washington, who nonetheless insisted on the use of the practice, and asked to watch it take place.  You just KNOW Cheney was there.  Possibly with a martini.  Certainly with a bottle of nitro tablets.

We’ll talk about this and other outrages on the program tonight!

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