Massive wildfires in Washington, illegal districts in Florida, gun deaths in Oregon outnumber car accident fatalities, another Malaysian flight down, this time via missile strike over Ukraine, Israel announces a ground invasion of Gaza, and Huckabee leads the polls of GOP presidential contenders.


Whew – doesn’t get much worse than that.

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  1. Dot in Seattle

    It’s really pissing me off that Americans are screaming “Look at those fucking Russians! They shot down the Malaysian airplane! Those goddamn commies!” Even Ed Schultz is acting like our shit doesn’t stink. He hasn’t mentioned yet that the US Navy shot down an Iranian commercial airplane in 1988 killing everyone on board. I plan on sending that self-righteous, pompous bastard the link to that article. He’ll probably ignore it but I don’t give a shit.

  2. Dot in Seattle

    Reserve judgement for what Person? Read this… I’ve been watching the coverage of this murderous tragedy since this morning. All I’ve heard was “Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the Russians! After all they’ve done this sort of thing before!” Not one fucking time did ANYONE mention that the US Navy shot down an Iranian airliner and killed 290 people in 1988. NOT ONE TIME. Apparently this kind of shit has happened before…. John “Grampy” McCain is already screaming that if the Russians are involved “there will be hell to pay!” What do you want Johnny Boy? A full blown, all out war with Russia?! You gonna declare war on Milla Jovovich? She’s was born in Kiev. I guess in your tiny little mind that probably makes her a terrorist.

  3. Penny Whitmer

    Keep speaking truth to power and money. The so called journalist could learn much from you. Please, dear god, no cat in the tree stories. Maybe every time a con screams for more breaks for the fascists you should ring a cow bell.

  4. John Dreyfus

    When the Iranian airliner was shot down Rush Limbaugh got on the air and claimed the Iranians emptied out their morgues to make it look like we killed civilians. Local talk show hosts in Phoenix parroted the nonsense for two days.

  5. radiolistener

    If you have kids in (or headed to) public high school, an in-depth article by Christina Wilkie at HuffPo.

    Koch High: How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students

    “…Such public-private partnerships are a growing trend in the American education system, as corporations and interest groups come up with ever more innovative ways to market their products and ideas to students in school buildings.

    In her book Born to Buy, author Juliet Schor recounts how General Mills paid Minnesota teachers $250 each to paint cereal logos on their cars and park them next to school buses. Dole offers lesson plans to elementary school teachers that are filled with positive messages about eating fruits and vegetables — messages that also benefit the food company’s bottom line.

    The Society for Petroleum Engineers, together with Utah’s Department of Natural Resources, once sponsored an Earth Day poster contest that asked students, “Where Would We Be Without Oil, Gas & Mining?”

    “It’s the same model that … Koch’s program is doing,” said Faith Boninger, a researcher based at the University of Colorado, Boulder who writes about private companies in schools.”

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