A Bridge Too Far

Cris Christie needs a bigger shovel. And a deeper bucket. Team Christie doesn’t seem to understand damage control, as the larger-than-life NJ Governor continues his flippant attitude toward the very real and very damaging scandal that’s rising around his cankles. Famous for his plain talk and outspoken comments that gave him the reputation of being a no-nonsense kind of leader desperately needed in the dying GOP, Christie’s recent handling of the bridge scandal in his office may well spell political doom for the once-favored presidential nominee.

It all started with some stereotypically Jersey petty political back-stabbing.  The Christie Crew doesn’t like Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich because the Democratic mayor didn’t endorse Christie in the last campaign.  So they decided it was payback time.  Now, the mafia proper would’ve just stuck a dead horse’s head in Sokolich’s bed.  But instead, one of Christie’s top aides decided to tie up traffic on a the George Washington bridge, so everyone gets to suffer! Here’s a sample of the email exchange that burned Christie’s political bridge:

Officials involved in the scandal, whose identities have been redacted, mock Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich's concern over the traffic. Democratic state Sen. Barbara Buono, Christie's opponent in his reelection campaign, is referenced in the final line of the exchange.

Citizens missed work, kids missed school, ambulances couldn’t pass.  Isn’t this fun!?  This is how the Washington Post explained it:

Democrats have accused Christie and his Port Authority appointees of closing access lanes from Fort Lee, N.J., to the heavily trafficked George Washington Bridge for several days in September as retribution for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich not endorsing Christie’s 2013 reelection campaign. The closures created severe traffic problems.

Christie has said he didn’t believe his office wasn’t involved in the closures. But text messages and e-mails show Christie’s deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, sent an e-mail to top Port Authority official David Wildstein that said: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Wildstein responded to Kelly’s e-mail: “Got it.”

The Christie administration has said the lane closures were part of a study to see whether bridge traffic flowed better with the access lanes closed. It has said the study was conducted solely by the Port Authority. Christie himself has said the situation is “not that big a deal.”

The e-mails were first reported by the Bergen Record. The George Washington Bridge is the most heavily trafficked bridge in the world.

Kelly’s e-mail, from her personal account to Wildstein’s personal account, is dated Aug. 13. The lane closures started Sept. 9.

In the intervening period, Kelly and Wildstein continued to exchange e-mails about Fort Lee. On Sept. 6, Wildstein told Kelly that they were “ready to do this” and that the governor’s office should inform another mayor that it had approved $60,000 for a traffic study.

Wildstein appears to recognize the dicey nature of his move. After the lane closures concluded, he shared a newspaper article questioning the reason for the closures and later wrote: “I had empty boxes to take to work today, just in case.”

So this top aide knew he was playing a dangerous game, but we are to believe that Christie was completely oblivious to the whole scheme?  If that’s true, is he fit to govern if he cannot control the juvenile (but dangerous) pranks perpetrated by his own merry band of morons? And if he really believes his own staff’s lame cover story about a bridge traffic study, then why the outrage now?

Worse, in discussions with the press about the vengeful act, Christie comes across as a Soprano-style bully, not a potential presidential candidate.

Film at 11 . . . . .



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This article has 9 comments

  1. joe

    Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down.
    Did you notice the longer Cris Christie talked the longer his nose got. My god this man is such a liar. His bully attitude finely caught up with him. The way he talked to that school teacher showed his true colors and now this. To blame this on someone else is his only way out of this mess.. But truly this is him his idea all a long his style and everyone knows it. This reminded me of a little fat kid who did something wrong a prank and got caught.

  2. dredge

    I don’t get why anyone considered Christie’s behavior as “plain and outspoken”. Bullying and arrogance more like it. Anytime this guy was in front of a camera he berated anyone who contradicted or questioned him.

    1. Edie

      The thing that stunned me was how polite and contrite Christy was w/the press. The man is scared; you can see it in his eyes. He looks like a perjurer on the stand in his own trial. Christy cares for no one except himself and his owners like all of his ilk in both parties.

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    Having been brought up with ’50s and ’60s top 40 AM radio
    that burrowed all kinds of holes in my then-young mind,
    whenever I have a Chris Christie thought (although I seldom
    do), the name LOU Christie comes up. He had a big hit called
    “Two Faces Have I”. The CHRIS Christie, not to be confused
    with the LOU Christie, was considered to be the number one
    contender for the Republican presidential bid. Now he has
    added cred to his resume. Take THAT Ted Cruz. You only shut
    down the Government for Christ sake. LOU… I mean Chris,
    shut down a whole fucking BRIDGE. HAAAAAAAA-

    1. Greg East of Toledo

      Denny, on a different subject, I failed to give you & chucky credit for the use of the term: a reptile dysfunction. Most of my lame attempts at comedy are plagiarized.

      There, I can now start the New Year guilt free.

    2. TakeTheCannoli

      Denny, I liked your metaphor the other day of Liz Cheney as a lizard. Mike Enzi, her erstwhile opponent, is a lizard in his own right. I was looking forward to watching these two big lizards fight. They began shooting their tongues as they approached one another. But she cut and ran before mortal combat commenced.

      1. Denny NNWofLA

        Yes, that was a damn shame since the
        winner gets to do battle in the final
        death-match with Sect.of State Kerry.
        But being the less functional one, she
        wouldn’t have had a chance anyway.
        Just one lick and she stops tickin’.

  4. TakeTheCannoli

    Looks like Christie took Republican obstructionism to a whole new level.

    In Christie’s defense, you’d be mean and angry all the time, too, if you haven’t seen your genitalia in decades.

    (Thank you, Rude Pundit, for that last remark.)

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