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What a news week, Truthseekers!  it’s Friday, what GOP scandal might we expect today?  Mike will discuss all the newsworthy stories of the week, including the increasingly bizarre tale of Petraeus’ two women, with a dash of General Allen thrown it for fun; the outrageous Romney claim that Obama bribed voters to win reelection, and the sudden spurt of spurious fast food establishments seeking revenge against their customers and/or workers for returning the President to the White House.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad armed madhouse as our Good Friend Greg Palast describes (pssst . . . his new book makes a great holiday gift, especially when paired with a Malloycast gift subscription!)

Join Mike LIVE at 9PM ET for these and other soothing bedtime stories, and to play political podcast trivia!  One lucky Truthseeker will win a FREE annual subscription to the premium podcasts!  Call 877-996-2556!

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  1. Person

    In the Sandy-ravaged Rockaway Beach neighborhood of New York, a 10-year-old truck outfitted with 256-square feet of solar panels is a working example of how cities can prepare for superstorms of the future.

    The truck, Rolling Sunlight, is one of several mobile solar generators deployed in the region as part of the Solar Sandy coalition of solar companies and nonprofits that have banded together to provide residents and relief workers with electricity.

    “We are really cranking right now. We are doing a great job in getting hot food, hot water, (and providing) a communication hub – and we are doing it with solar,” Robert Gardner, a campaigner with the environmental group Greenpeace

  2. Chris

    Take to the streets against Fascist Corporations yes, but not yet……………..

    We need to win back the masses like we did in the 60 and 70’s with antiwar, peace and care for your fellow human bean. But as you know, Kent State was a message. Killing Peace leader John Lennon took the air out of the Peace Movement.

    So now Corporatist feel embolden, to beat up and spray Occupy Group. And they will shoot for sure this time again when push comes to shove. They called the protesters in the 60’s Dirty Hippies and they call the Occupiers the same, dirty Hippies who don’t work. We need to put out the message, “No more WAR, Peace and Love, and get back to not polluting Earth. A ground movement so when people take to the streets we have a cause along with fighting Corporate Fascism .

  3. Jon

    re beginning of Nov 16, 2012 program:

    The GA state capitol attacks on UN Agenda 21 were a projection onto Agenda 21 of what the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP would actually do. One of the 14 characteristics of fascism is projection. Look up TPP on section for Global Trade Watch.

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