America Held Hostage, Day 25


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Any day now, Trump is going to be compelled to use those nuclear codes and launch ICBMs toward . . . well, it depends. He and Steve Bannon and the too-young-to-drink Nazi, Steve Miller, and Reince and maybe even Pence will emerge from a secure room at Mar-a-Lago’s gorgeous restaurant (the best ever built! truly!) with the name of the hapless, but necessarily disposable land mass.

It might be a small country in Africa or maybe one of those stupidly redundant “stans” (Turkmenistan? Tajikistan? Kyrgyzstan?). But, the Trump Inner Party will produce “irrefutable evidence” that the small country is preparing to send “dirty” bombs via FedEx directly to our nation’s heartland. And off go the nukes to “keep America safe!” The depending factor will be what sort of dossier on Trump they possess and whether or not it includes video.

The missiles will also change everybody’s focus from the lying, corrupt, deranged, unhinged day-to-day actions of this mob of skinny-tie usurpers who now use the White House for their hand-to-hand combat to see who eventually wins control of Trump’s limited mind. (Bet on Bannon.)

Forgotten instantly will be the backed-up sewer that is our nation’s “leadership” and all this pissy media-generated nonsense that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is really a Kremlin mole in addition to being a lunatic. Right?

This, my fellow Americans, is called “wagging the dog” and it means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance. And which is of the greater importance? “Dirty bombs” going off in the Heartland? Or this silly nonsense about Michael Flynn’s deep involvement with the Rabid Russian Bear, Vlad Putin?

No contest, actually. Forget about everything going on in the Fascist Trump’s Inner Party. Think, instead, of the horror of “dirty bombs” in downtown Omaha.

See? No contest.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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          1. Denny NNWofLA

            “Worst of the Worst” as the expression goes. He wants to “load it up” with “bad dudes.” And “waterboarding is not tough enough” even though it was for the Spanish Inquisition.
            Time for him to set an example. Just one of him is equals a shitload of bad dudes.

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