And God Created Woman

. . . but didn’t He also create the nuts and seeds and plant extracts to make medicines?  The willow bark for pain, the digitalis plant for heart disease, and the soybean for natural estrogens that – gasp – are used to synthesize birth control pills?

Organic food conglomerate Eden Foods is suing the Obama administration over the Affordable Care Act, because it specifies coverage for birth control pills, which are nothing but instruments of the devil if you listen to CEO Michael Potter.

Like so many of his Neanderthal Neocon brethren, Potter is a quirky loudmouth who uses his Catholicism as an excuse to protest all things Obama.  His many conflicting, albeit entertaining, recent interviews are causing former Eden Food customers to dump their wheatgrass in protest.  New York magazine reports:

This week, members of Brooklyn’s Greene Hill Food Co-Op called for a ban on the sale of Eden Foods’ soy milk. That’s because the organic food company’s CEO, Michael Potter, has spent the past month railing against Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Potter filed a lawsuit on March 20 challenging the mandate that companies must cover the cost of contraception for their employees. He’s arguing that because he’s a devout Catholic, his religious beliefs prevent him from paying for birth control.

On April 15, [Potter] reached out to Salon’s Irin Carmon, who initially broke the story, and said:

I’ve got more interest in good quality long underwear than I have in birth control pills … Because I’m a man, number one and it’s really none of my business what women do … Because I don’t care if the federal government is telling me to buy my employees Jack Daniel’s or birth control. What gives them the right to tell me that I have to do that? That’s my issue, that’s what I object to, and that’s the beginning and end of the story.

Kind of demolishes his whole argument, doesn’t it?  The article continues:

You’d think he’d stop giving interviews at this point. But on April 21, published a Q&A with Potter. He said: “We are not trying to get contraceptives out of Rite Aid for goodness sake. This is about trying to stop government overreach and telling them that they cannot tell people how to act.” Potter also expressed doubt about his lawsuit, saying, “I am concerned about the impact it will have.”

Potter’s products are described in the lawsuit as “wholesome, principled, unrivaled, nurturing, pure” — adjectives he’ll probably use in court to describe how he thinks all women should be.

Word to the wise, Mr. Potter, when it comes to female reproduction, keep your focus on those  free range chicken eggs.


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