Once More, With Feeling!

It’s the First Friday of February! One last evening of Malloy in Washington!  mike returns to his usual studio and format Monday the 4th to discuss the Hagel confirmation hearings and the ongoing implosion of the pro-gun lunatic fringe as their Congressional testimony is a surreal spiral into madness. That’s Monday.

But tonight . . . Everything you ever wanted to know about the Affordable Care Act, from the mouths of politicians, policy makers and health care providers in Washington, DC!  It’s non-stop interviews you won’t hear in the corporate media, so listen live at 9PM ET tonight for three hours of insight and analysis on one of the most important issues facing our nation this century.

If you haven’t been listening to Malloy’s  “Samples of Sanity” on the website, check them out, and share them with your fellow Truthseeker.  We regret to announce that you can no longer hear this program on KTLK 1150 AM in Los Angeles.  The good news, however, is that you can listen on your mobile device via your Progressive Voices App,  or turn on your computer and check out the PV channel on TuneIn radio!  As always, we welcome you to subscribe to our commercial-free podcasts so you can listen whenever you want, wherever you want!

And as we make the studio improvements to expand this program into the digital age, we hope you will support our efforts with a sponsorship hour!  It is, truly, the best advertising value in the business.  For only $100, Mike will read your personal message, advertise your product, or share your political position with a national (and international) audience three times each hour! What a great way to celebrate a special occasion, with a gift you can’t find in the mega-malls! Click on the “sponsorship” tab above and join the new wave of progressive media!

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  1. chucky

    You know, I hope I don’t ruffle too many people here, but I just don’t understand why Mike is doing these two shows interviewing people about the affordable health care bill. Yes, I know it’s important. But right now, I think, and understand that it’s strictly my opinion only, there are more important things to talk about right now. As “Person” just posted there was another school shooting today. I want to deal with that first. I won’t affordable health care if I’m dead. I’m sorry. I don’t want offend anyone. But I think Mikes timing on this one is a bit off.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    Today’s Irrelevance Award certainly must go to John McCain
    for badgering Chuck Hagel. Who the goddamn hell does this
    senile, cranky old war criminal, Sarah Palin picking SOB
    think he is to question anyone else’s character?

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    Another mass killer is dead. “American Sniper” Chris Kyle
    was shot dead at a shooting range by a fellow warrior. A
    mass killer is a mass killer, be it 150 at once or one at
    a time. There’s your second amendment, happy and at your service. By the way, everybody was armed, but more guns
    would have made a difference? America’s Hero/Iraq’s Terrorist. AMF

  4. Dan The Man

    What’s with the Cars sound-loop playing over and over again on the last segment of the 1/31 podcast? Thought I was gonna go batty with the Ipod going in the car until I finally stopped it and realized there must have been some sound/technical/remote problem.

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