Another Friday, Another List of Headlines

obama Welcome, Truthseekers, to the first weekly headline review of April – and the first on the new site!    The news this week focused heavily on the Obama’s first official visit to Europe an the G 20 summit.  Here are some other news stories that caught our attention this week.  Call in with your favorites tonight: 877-996-2556!

He’s not the Barack Obama Europe Knew

Czechs, readying for Obama, aren’t US pushovers

Stimulus left them cold at the G-20 summit

Leahy Bails on ‘Truth Commission’ Plan

Binghamton, NY, mass shooting leaves some dead

Jobless rate hits 8.5 percent, but layoffs may be slowing

North Korea Rocket Launch on Track

Iowa Court Says Gay Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional

Everything You Want to Know About Blago’s Indictment

Defense Secretary Gates to unveil Pentagon budget Monday

Calif. nut firm: Kraft found salmonella in 2008

Hatch votes against patent reform bill he sponsored

Obama takes lead, chops down head of General Motors

5.1 million jobs lost in this recession

Conficker’s April Fools Fizzled, But Threat Remains

Have a great weekend, Truthseekers!

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