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Mike returns LIVE tonight at 9PM ET to discuss the ongoing national protests, and the one he attended in DC.  Many thanks to Brad Friedman and the awesome crew at KTLK for their always excellent guest-hosting and engineering that allows your humble and obedient servant to take to the streets and speak truth to power!

So much to talk about and so little time!  Join the fun and frivolity LIVE at 9PM ET! 877-996-2556!



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  1. Andy in Seattle

    Great to have Mike back.

    And the protests…well I would love them to work, I want them to generate the impetus to make the policy makers change course. But given recent history (remember those anti-war protests last decade?) I really don’t see anything changing with what is going on.

    The best we can hope for is our corporate masters throwing the masses a couple of bones. Perhaps shaving off a couple of percentage points off of student loan debt (we all know they would NEVER forgive any portion of the principal) or a “promise” to leave social security and medicare alone for 10 years.

    Yeah, it would be great to see change but let’s face reality; the bankers have nothing to fear from these protests and now they have private armies to protect their interests.

  2. Fruit-for-Peace

    Andy, I remember and was part of those anti-war protests of the past ten years. I admit I’ve become jaded because LOTS of us participated in peaceful, civil disobedience and went to jail and NOTHING came of any of it. The U.S. military is STILL in Afghanistan and Iraq and the warmongers would LOVE to spread the military machine into Iran and EVERY other region that has oil to be stolen.

    I’m jaded and pessimistic enough AND have read WAY too much global history to think that ANY substantial reform/change even CAN take place without violence. I am NOT asking for nor wanting violence, but history has shown that NO group/class/criminals/MONSTERS in power EVER relinquish their power to the oppressed without the oppressed FINALLY getting SO fed up that they become violent AGAINST the oppressors. It may take a LONG time (long after I am food for the worms), but eventually violence is inevitable because the arrogant SCUM (the 1%’ers!) can’t even regard the rest of us as “human” let alone WORTHY of any consideration.

    Capitalism MUST DIE! It is a festering boil on the ass of humanity!!!! Democratic Socialism may not be a perfect system, but it is WAY more humane than capitalism which FEEDS on DEATH, lies, manipulation, theft, arrogance, murder and destruction.

    I can NOT think of anything more vile, evil and DESTRUCTIVE than the concept of capitalism. 🙁

  3. chucky

    Don’t worry Fruit. Randi Rhodes, Bill Press, and Stephanie Miller will all defend Obama. They prove just how the left can be just as hypocritical as the right. They’ll blast Bush for doing something like that, but they defend Obama. Jag-offs like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and O’Reilly will blast Obama for doing this, yet when Bush did it, it was just fine with them. This country drips with hypocrisy. Is it any wonder nobody takes this country seriously anymore?

  4. Fruit-for-Peace

    Thankfully Stephanie Miller doesn’t get played in the Portland, OR market other than on Saturday mornings and I’m busy at that time listening to “Car Talk” and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” on Public Radio. Bill Press is on from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM and I’m not THAT early of a riser. Randi Rhodes is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me so I don’t bother even turning her on anymore.

    Mike Malloy really is pretty much the only radio program I can listen to nowadays. I’ll have Norman Goldman on now and then as background noise, but there are times I can’t listen to him, either – especially when he tries being funny and channels Ed Schmaltz! 😉

    Don’t even get me STARTED on the hypocritical, puritanical B.S. that is Thom Hartmann. You can never tell when Hartmann is going to be off his meds. He became a TOTAL sellout for his radio career to be the “safe” guy on radio. I just find him to now be pathetically OUT of touch with us regular people and NOT living in our world.

    Malloy will continue to be someone I can DEFINITELY relate to and feel an actual, honest, sincere rapport with.

  5. Denny NNWofLA

    With the protests having gone not only National, but International, and with more people joining every day, and even Mike stepping up, I really expected more positive responses from the campers here.

    It’s time for bones being given to the corporations. And I KNOW, even if they tried to, and they will, this movement cannot be stopped.

    It’s ON and I WILL NOT STAND ASIDE. And You?

  6. Andy in Seattle

    Denny, we’ve been lied to, manipulated for political gain by the rich and screwed over too many times. The only solution will be the heads of the richest people being stuck on spikes and lined along every street and highway in the country.

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