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So, what did I miss?

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How border hardliners nudged out Nielsen

So Kirstjen Nielsen was booted from DHS because she wasn’t hard enough on migrant families seeking asylum.  Yup, that sounds about right. The Don wanted MORE families ripped apart and children scattered.  Because he is an amoral psychopath, as we have said for 3+ years.

So let’s get this straight……Trump’s Department of Homeland Security:

  • No Secretary
  • No Deputy Secretary
  • No Secret Service director
  • No ICE director
  • No FEMA director
  • No Customs and Border Protection Commissioner
  • No Inspector General

Not complaining, because God knows what kind of demons The Don will install next.  “Nothing” is better than “Horrific”

This news marries nicely with the story we missed about Congressmen being turned away at the door of ICE detention facilities.  Not good.  And what did The Don say last week about these asylum-seekers?  They were animals?  An infestation?  He is pushing for HARSHER treatment of these beaten families?

Let the vacancies stand.  He’s looking for a Mengele to replace the hapless Ms. Nielsen.

Not content with one upheaval, Trump then fired US Secret Service director Randolph “Tex” Alles and replaced him with career Secret Service official James Murray.  Guess that’s because Mar a Lago was infiltrated by Chinese spies (who may have a connection to that Massage parlor deal in Florida).

CNN reports that “there is a near-systematic purge happening at the nation’s second-largest national security agency,” one senior administration official says.

More chaos – lovely.  Anything to distract from the demand to see The Don’s tax returns and tomorrow’s testimony by AG Barr.  And the full Mueller, which will be revealed in the coming days.  And if that’s not enough Rep. Nadler has called on Mueller to come testify before House Judiciary.  That’s gotta sting.

What else did we miss?  3 Black church fires in Louisiana in 10 days?  24 shot in Chicago over the weekend? Anybody care?  Not Trump, he hasn’t tweeted a peep about it.  Brown people – just an infestation.

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  1. Abe Sayegh

    I just don’t understand the big picture. With GW we knew the chaos was to distract us from the gajillions Haliburton was making in the Middle East. But with President Lump, is he really this stupid? Is he just covering his ass? Or is there a bigger picture and a reason behind all this madness? I’m almost certain The Great Lump is not bright enough to have a plan of this magnitude, I’m sure he was told to create distractions while the true evil doers are making all the moves, but what is the damn goal??? Please please please help clear this up, even if the explanation seems so far out there that even the best Hollywood screenwriters couldn’t come up with anything like this.  Please just tell me what is their endgame!!!

  2. Joni Ellsworth

    Because I am such a technophobe I had to get instructions from the webmaster in order to extend my podcast subscription. It worked, was a simple matter, but hard for someone like me to understand how to accomplish at first with no help. Thanks to Mike and Kathy for the discounted podcast extension! But that said, I wish Mike would stop saying that the podcasts are “delivered to your email”. Podcasts, unless you are listening through links in which case you are not truly podcasting, do not actually work this way. In my case, I still use an iPod, because I do not have an iPhone. In the old days, the podcasts would download to my desktop through the iTunes program. I would then have to manually sync the podcasts to my iPod. That was then. Now, since my newer version (but still old) iPod is wi-fi enabled, the podcasts download to it automatically. Technically, this happens through the Podcasts app on the iPod which uses iTunes. Email never enters the picture. Basically, that has been my experience with podcasts using Apple technology. Surely Mike, who is orders of magnitude more intelligent than me, can grasp the basics of this process should he care to devote a few minutes of his time to doing so. Then his words would not grate upon many of his podcasts listeners, as they surely must, when he says “sign up for a subscription and get the podcasts delivered to your email in-box”.

  3. Kathryn Kane

    Help me sign up for the $29/year special please. I’m only on an Android phone, I’m old & a tech-failure. Don’t make me have to ask my grandkid for help, again. My dignity is at stake!

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