President Obama is standing firm, for once, and making good on a promise. He won’t cave on this one, no siree. The President is adamant – poor immigrant women and children will be immediately deported to the #1 murder capitol of the world. Yup, he’s proving that he, too, can be a decider.
The first plane of would-be immigrant families is on it’s way back to Honduras. After suffering a long, painful, hazardous, expensive journey to the “land of the free” to escape the horrors back home, they were corralled into detention centers and put on a plane for home. This is from the LA Times:

“I want to keep going,” Jessica Sandoval, 30, said as she waited at a refugee shelter in Arriaga, Mexico, with her three daughters, ages 2, 8 and 11. They left La Ceiba, Honduras, 17 days ago and had been at the shelter for nearly a week. She said her region of Honduras had become a living hell because of gangs, drug traffickers, political violence and a lack of jobs after numerous factories shut down.

Suyapa Hernandez, 33, a single mother who returned to San Pedro Sula on an earlier flight Monday, said the economy and crime led her to journey north. Hernandez said she had been mugged several times in Honduras for her phone or even pocket change. Hernandez, who returned on a U.S.-chartered flight packed with adults, said she had no alternative but to venture to the U.S.

“The bad economy contributes to the delinquency,” she said. “I’m scared to go out on the streets, even during the day.”

San Pedro Sula is the second-largest city in a country with the highest homicide rate in the world. An assassin can be easily hired for $100 and people don’t answer phone calls from unknown cell phone numbers, fearing they may be extortion demands.

Honduras suffered greatly – as a counter-insurgency staging area – during the Reagan-Bush I era in the attempts by the CIA to overthrow the legitimate leftist government of Nicaragua. It became a US-sponsored military base for counterintelligence efforts during the commission of those war crimes., We militarized the country then supported a military government that has no interest, then or now, in democracy. In 2009 Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama “softly” supported yet another anti-democratic coup.
So what do we do when the country devolves into the expected chaos and families flee to save their children from life-threatening situations? We give them balloons, then pack them onto planes and ship them back to the killing fields.

U.S. deportees arrive in Honduras

Balloons. What a nice distraction for the little children, something to take their minds off the fact that they spent weeks making the difficult, dangerous journey to the welcoming arms of America, only to be herded onto a plane and returned to the nightmare they just fled. At least this particular group of little children – some are infants – didn’t face angry protesters at the airport.
A fresh crop of haters stormed a temporary immigrant detention center in Oracle, Arizona today, demanding these frightened women and children be sent back to the meat grinder. These protesters didn’t have balloons, just lots of angry signs and violent rhetoric, and they faced off a group of peaceful protestors who expressed compassion for these families. ABC News reports:

Dozens of protesters on both sides of the immigration debate showed up in a small town near Tucson on Tuesday after the sheriff said the federal government plans to transport about 40 immigrant children to an academy for troubled youths.

The rallies demonstrated the deep divide of the immigration debate. One group waved American flags, held signs that read “Return to Sender” and “Go home non-Yankees” and said they would block a bus that was supposed to arrive with immigrant children aboard. A few miles up the road, about 50 pro-immigrant supporters held welcome signs with drawings of hearts. The dueling groups each had about 50 people.

“We are not going to tolerate illegals forced upon us,” protester Loren Woods said.

No worries, Ms. Woods. The President is with you. He finally found a cause worth fighting for. Not universal health care, not fair labor practices, not ending tax cuts for the wealthy . . . but he WILL stand up to victimized women and children and force them back to the Murder capitol of the world.

There’s some change we can believe in.





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This article has 14 comments

  1. Greg East of Toledo

    So President Not Sure once again fails to stand up for what is right. How does this creep sleep at night? Who in the hell is this guy? It’s making me ill even to see his visage, or hear his hollow speech. I’m headed outside to split some logs, just to release my fury. Is anyone else dreading the 2016 election season? Just more empty promises and lies – business as usual.

  2. S. Rock

    Here’s wot I wrote on a hater’s page:Please think of it another way, my dear friends. Those “illegals” are genetically welded fast to the very same people whom we murdered, whom we ran off onto reservations, whose food supply (buffalo) we destroyed, down whose throats we shoved our religion, whom we made to learn OUR language, and who (many of them) fled to Mexico to escape the destruction the greedy white Europeans wreaked upon them. So who broke more laws? Our ancestors, the original white folks who came here and (may I say?) stole this land? Isn’t sneaking across a border to escape possible death in the cesspools of crime that the failed states of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have become, less of a crime than murder, mayhem, and the destruction of an entire nation of tribes? They lived here peacefully (kinda’), and lived in harmony with the earth, while we have polluted its waters and its air. Who’s to say who belongs where but God herself???? Gosh gang, think about it. Screw hate, huh? Don’t you have Latino friends? How do they feel if you LIKE that post? Haven’t we done enough nasty to those people? Thank you

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    How would President Romney have handled this situation?
    Helped find family members to take them in? Deported them?
    Don’t think so. He might have, though, put them to work in
    our few remaining factories, built high fences surrounding
    them to “keep people out” and made them earn their fare back
    to wherever.

    Since they are trying to escape(and what sane person could
    blame them)from gangs, guns, poverty, unemployment and
    political craziness, why’d they come HERE?

  4. Karen

    I will just skip any comment on the President. Once again, my heart is broken. I am going to say this about the protesters. People who have that degree of hatred inside of them, for poor bedraggled people who have done nothing to them, are out and out mentally ill. I know a psychiatrist, more than one, who simply states that blind hatred, and acting on that hatred, is not an innate human quality, but is clearly a hallmark of mental illness. I can only agree with this statement because I do not know how else to handle it.

  5. Dot in Seattle

    Would these poor, desperate, frightened people be sent back their native countries if they were white and spoke English? I seriously doubt it. How are these refugees reacting when they realize that they’re being sent back to the hell that they left? Are they freaking out? Are they screaming in terror and disbelief? Zeus should throw 100,000,000,000 lighting bolts at this fucking country. We deserve to blasted out of existence by an asteroid. The Limp Bizkit song “Break Stuff” pretty much describes how I feel right now. I’m so pissed but not surprised. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.” Those words are empty. They mean nothing. I am completely, totally and utterly disgusted.

  6. radiolistener

    Well, I made the mistake of reading some of the comments at the LA Times link Kathy posted above. There’s nothing like an immigration story to really bring out the good old-fashioned bigotry and hatred in people.

    What I don’t completely understand is why, after having given themselves up to immigration officials at the border (IIRC from the the LA Times), those women weren’t allowed to apply for some sort of temporary right to stay here. I mean, they weren’t trying to pull a fast one — they gave themselves up to border agents. And they were obviously seeking asylum. They deserved some kind of protection, or at least to be heard.

    We ignore and mistreat people like this at our own peril (and when I say “we”, I mean those who react to this kind of situation with venom). And by peril, I mean in more of a humanistic sense. Those women and their children deserved to be treated with respect, they’re not “other.”

  7. cassandra2001

    Another proud moment as Obama charters a plane to return victims of violence to Honduras.

    Another moment of shame. I’d like to see something, this side of Shock Doctrine, that actually explains our moral debt to these people and millions more; living and dead. Anyone familiar w/the ‘School of the Americas’ at Ft. Benning, GA? The policies of the USA, for over 100 yrs., in Latin America, on behalf of Corp. America, was and is a legacy of murder, theft on a grand scale. Our governments, Democrats and Republicans, spent much effort and blood, innocent blood, to strip the people of these countries of everything from all of their natural resources to their very lives; leaving corruption and a husk of what had once been their homes. Where else can they turn? Where else should they turn? And, why are lawyers not advocating for the human rights of the dispossessed? Apparently, we are still very comfortable w/Genocide…

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