What a crazy news cycle, Truthseekers.  The Falcons loss on Sunday was depressing enough, and now we have Jesus freak Betsy DeVos heading the Dept. of Education, Trump admitting to Bill “50 Ways to Love Your Loofa” O’Reilley that the US government is just a bunch of killers, insulting another Federal judge, and accusing the “dishonest” press of ignoring real terrorist plots.

Maybe he’s just pissed because the “dishonest” press is covering the imaginary terrorist attacks invented by Kellyann Conway, like the Bowling Green Massacre.

Trump is right about one thing, the media is ignoring serious terrorist threats against the US, many of them plotted by religious extremists.  Only these are planned by domestic terrorists.  American citizens who seek to massacre gays, liberals, Planned Parenthood employees, blacks, Jews, and various other minorities, and the media is not, in fact, giving them adequate representation. 

This is the subject of an excellent article in the Daily Beast by Dean Obeidallah:  

A trial began in federal court on Monday of a radical religious cleric who allegedly plotted to kill Americans of another faith to prove his “commitment to our God.” Why haven’t you heard about this, you might be asking? Could it be as Donald Trump claimed Monday that the “dishonest media” is not covering all “radical Islamic” terrorist plots?
No, the actual reason is that the man on trial in a Tennessee federal district court is not Muslim. Rather he’s self-professed Christian minister Robert Doggart. If he were Muslim, we would of course have heard of his sinister plot. But as we have seen time and time again, terrorist plots by non-Muslims are met with a collective yawn by most in our media.
I wrote about Doggart in the past and our media’s failure to cover his case with even a quarter of the zeal with which they cover Muslims involved in terrorism. And make no bones about it, Doggart is allegedly a dangerous man, one who planned his terror attack in great detail.

Undercover FBI agents allege that Doggart was plotting to travel to upstate New York to kill Muslims there using explosives, an M-4 assault rifle and even a machete to cut the infidels to shreds. The FBI’s investigation also found that Doggart viewed himself as a religious “warrior” who wanted to kill Muslims to show to his commitment to his Christian God. Doggart even boasted that the attack on the Muslims “will be cruel. And we will burn down their buildings [Referring to their mosque and school.]… and if anybody attempts to harm us in any way… we will take them down.”
This man sounds no different from an ISIS terrorist wanting to kill people of other faiths in accordance with their own perverted interpretation of their religious faith.
My hope was that by the time Doggart’s case finally went to trial, the media might cover it. But that didn’t happen. In fact a Google news search of “Robert Doggart” within 24 hours of the first day of his trial came back with only one story, that being from a local Tennessee media outlet with an article titled, “Tennessee man with plans to attack a Muslim community appears in court.”
The double standard of how Muslim versus non-Muslim terror plots are treated was made even more acute by Trump’s speech on the very day Doggart’s trial began, when he claimed that the “dishonest media” didn’t cover radical Islamic terrorism. Is Trump actually suggesting that Muslims have killed Americans in terror plots on U.S. soil and our media ignored it? These stories are ratings gold for cable news.

The media loves Trump, are you kidding?  Especially broadcast media, which is experiencing a rating bonanza since Trump first announced his presidential intentions.  That’s what makes Trump’s anti-press accusations so laughable, they are responsible for legitimizing his candidacy in the first place! Had they correctly identified him as a baffoon poser with the tang of Birther madness surrounding his golden coif, he wouldn’t have survived to the first debate.  

Without the media’s wholehearted support, Trump would’ve gone done in history as a trust-fund-baby billionaire-cum-reality TV star with a slew of sleazy kids, broken marriages, shady universities, stripper-filled casinos, a penchant for pussygrabbing, and obsession for incontinent Russian hookers. Now he’s the President instead.  

Even when the talking heads decry his constitution-eroding policies, they are funneling an endless stream of free publicity into his pudgy little hands. Yeah, the media hates Trump like Chris Christy hates Krispy Kreme.


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    1. Denny NNWofLA

      Kinda miss RC Jr. AKA Melpomene (drama mask of tragedy) who brought us some of the most entertaining moments of that whole Clownarama. His final three days of the campaign were pure slapstick and they were lucky no one was seriously injured.
      Day one where he and Snarly couldn’t figure out how to grasp hands to raise in a victory stance. Both seemed to demand ‘upsies’.
      Day two when Snarly introduced the next president of the United States and promptly fell off the stage.
      Day three found our hero give his wife a right cross and elbow while reaching back for daddy.
      Funny stuff indeed.

  1. kath

    Big important points, ty Kathy. But apparently, truth is the loser. Welcome to the head of the KKK as Dept. of KillEveryoneNotWhite Sessions take hold. Hey it’s dat ol’ ‘merican way. Whomever issued him a rifle forgot to place it in his butt.

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