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Gotta love Nancy Pelosi.  She’s telling the toddler that he can give his State of the Union speech wearing his jammies at home, but don’t come to Congress, it’s too expensive during his shutdown.  Or he can send the speech in writing.  Or have it as planned if he opens the government by then.

Denying this egomaniac access to applause and a huge audience is like taking Limbaugh’s shoebox of Vicodin and Cialis.  He’s going to explode.  Maybe he could give the speech at a cock fight or KKK rally where his supporters are sure to gather and wave their racist red hats.  

Then comes William Barr, who will be confirmed as the next Attorney General and might just lock up journalists.  Maybe not execute them Saudi style, but incarnation is on the table.  Comforting.  

Would he interfere with a subpoena calling Trump to answer Mueller’s questions?  Couldn’t say at this time.  Would he follow Justice Department ethical advisors on such a subpoena or other suggestions about the amueller report?  Maybe.

He did promise to refuse a Trump order to fire Muller unless for “cause,” but will retain the right to keep his report confidential and release HIS “report of the report” to Congress.  So he won’t fire Muller, but might sit on the report.  Gotcha.

And what constitutes obstruction of justice in his opinion?  Instructing Comey to “let it go” where a Michael Flynn investigation was concerned? Doesn’t rise to his test.  But he maintains a President can obstruct justice, but hasn’t in this case, he argued in a now famous legal opinion he sent to Trump’s lawyers last year.  His views on The Wall are troubling. He is totally Trump and supports this disgraceful shutdown and argues in favor of Trump’s toddler tantrum

He will be confirmed, and is at least qualified, unlike Whitaker.  But what he will do with his friend of 30 years Robert Mueller’s report is murky, and it shouldn’t be at this stage in the game.

Trump is getting itchy, and knows he’s lost the battle of public opinion on this punishing shutdown and questions about his super secret off the record conversations with his Master, Vlad Putin.  

Putin is having a banner week.  With our government in chaos, troops leaving Syria, and the Brexit disaster across the pond . . . What’s left on his checklist?

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  1. TakeTheCannoli2

    “Incarnation is on the table”? (3rd paragraph) Kathy, I think you mean incarceration.
    But you’re absolutely right to be skeptical about Barr. His past record and weasely answers at his confirmation hearing do not inspire confidence. Our only hope is his loyalty to The Bush Crime Family will trump his loyalty to the Trump Crime Family. The Bush Crime Family hates Trump with a passion.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    Having watched some of Barr’s testimony, I was tempted to be lulled and reassured by his steady, calm demeanor and his answers sounded as though he was going to be impartial and trustworthy,
    until it came down to specifics. (pull the trap door handle) . Next candidate- please step forward.

    But Trump, that chicken-shit tiny handed fuck denying Speaker Pelosi the use of a safe military plane to use in her (unannounced for security reasons) trip to Afghanistan to visit our troops, was about the lowest form of a childish game of fuck-fuck I’ve ever witnessed. NOTE: I am using childish language because that is the only way I can speak of this toxic toddler brat any longer. And just to add another rub and a sprinkle of nepotism, of course, he sent the First Ho to Mar-a-Lago for the weekend on the same type of aircraft he denied the Speaker. But worst of all was his ratting out the news of Pelosi’s intended visit which would have immediately put a target on her and anyone else around her.
    That is very reminiscent of Cheney outing Valery Plame as a CIA operative.

    Time Has Come Today! Hey Trump and family- grab your rakes; the forests are in need a a good raking- something you all are proficient at.

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