Blame Canada

Or blame Obama.  Or blame the Democrats.  Or Mueller or Sessions or the failing NY Times…..

This morning The Don came completely unhinged in an press gaggle and blamed the Democrats for torturing and traumatizing immigrant children by snatching them from their parents and locking them up in concentration camps where they only see daylight an hour a day.  It’s the Democrats who is scarring these kids for life. 

And it’s Obama’s fault that Putin got kicked out of the G8 for invading Ukraine.  And Obama’s fault that Kim Jong Crazy built a nuclear arsenal.  Obama was just a wimp who couldn’t make good deals.  Donnie the dealer is in power now, kids.  We no longer have to worry about the terrible national security threat posed by Canada.  Whew!

Thank GOD for Trump, as he told reporters.  He saved their families from nuclear annihilation.  Personally.  Because he is the dictator whisperer.  He and Kim swapped cell phone numbers and now there are no more nukes.  Poof!  Like magic.  Just like he and Putin get along so great, Russia is our bestie now – isn’t that awesome?! 

Human rights abuses?  Nonsense, Kim’s people love him.  As The Don told Fox “news” this morning Kim’s people are so devoted to him they sit at attention when he speaks.  Trump wants us to do the same.   Maybe with a friendly  little “Sieg Heil!” thrown in for good measure.

Canada, the UK, France, etc . . . . just part of Rumsfeld’s “Old Europe” (remember?) who cares about them?  These dictatorships – that’s where it’s happening.  Fascism, that’s the way to go. Look how great life is in Russia and N. Korea!  Don’t we wish the USA was as fantastic and beautiful as those lucky nations?

The Don did sorta admit to lying to the “failing NY Times” about drafting that Don Junior email about the Russia meeting, but so what?!  It’s not like the Times is some kind of “high tribunal full of judges.”  See, lying is fine, too, as long as you do it to journalists.

Did I miss anything?

Mike is a Classic Malloy tonight while Kathy is Girl Scout camping.  He returns LIVE Monday to deconstruct this latest nightmare . . ..



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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    On this Father’s Day my heart is breaking and my eyes cry tears of grief for those whose families have been torn apart by an inhumane tyrant and all his supporting cast of swamp monsters.

    Imagine his family being separated. Trump in the United States penitentiary, Leavenworth, his ‘beautiful’ daughter Ivanka in Alderson federal woman’s prison, Melania deported (or freed). Maybe then it would be fair to put the blame on Democrats. But, of course, they would have to act.

  2. TakeTheCannoli2

    Denny, here’s the rub. The Trump family is ALREADY separated — voluntarily! Melanoma is the only First Lady I am aware of who chose to not reside in the White House. Addicted to luxury (but not pride) she fled with her son Baron to Trump Tower. Trump has little regard for his own family, except as political props and a means to extend his degenerate legacy. So, in his narcissistic world, what’s the big deal of breaking up other families?
    Every day I imagine Trump in a federal or state pen. Trump would look great in an orange jumpsuit.

    1. Denny NNWofLA

      Not to be going Mr. Blackwell on you, but, I’d much prefer broad horizontal stripes as in “O Brother Where Art Thou?” which would make him appear as wide as he is tall; the bloated bastard’s already getting pretty close to that image anyway!

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