Bob Kincaid Prayer Meetin’

Mike is finally headed home!

After being scoped, ‘sounded, x-ray’d and scanned from top to bottom, multiple blood tests, bags of antibiotics and fluids, the best guesstimate diagnosis is moderate pancreatitis from the mix of drugs the walk-in clinic gave him for the spider bite, and also acute inflammatory colitis. That caused the fever and abdominal pain.

He is groggy and worn out…But hey, no underlying serious disease processes! Heart is fine, lungs fine, BP normal, no signs of cancer. He’s gonna outlive us all!

Thanks again for all your very kind messages, they mean so much to all three of us.

And many thanks to Bob Kincaid for keeping it lit on the Malloy airwaves.  Can’t wait to hear what he has for Church Night!

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  1. Jenny

     Well thank goodness things seem to be turning around… Spiders are awful all on their own but add all this extra scary terrible stuff on top?… I am glad Mike is on the mend, Bob has done a good job holding down the fort and being just as much a voice of sanity in absolutely insane at times as Mike is 

     I have had all three of you guys on my mind and sending good energy… Take care and rest up and we look forward to your return 

    P.S.   I look forward to listening to your program every night but if I miss it I catch it the next day on podcast… My two kids ages nine and 11 and I have pretty similar strong thoughts about this abomination squatting in the White House f

  2. Elizabeth Stolle

    So good to hear you are on the mend! Life always throws some curve balls for sure!

    Bob Kincaid always delivers but it’ll be good to hear your bombastic but always on point voice in the captains chair!
    From the high plains of Colorado….Liz and Will Stolle

    1. Denny NNWofLA

      Jill Stein? The inaudible Jill Stein? The invisible Jill Stein?
      The once every four years Jill Stein? That Jill Stein?
      Last time I saw her she was sitting at a table with Putin.
      Yes. Jill Stein, PLEASE tell us you thoughts.

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