Hi Truthseekers!

Please join Brad Friedman as he mans the mic for Mike Wednesday – Friday this week.  Mike returns LIVE Monday 4/12 to kick some flying monkey tail!  And Monday will mark the return of  MALLOYVISION!

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  1. Shallel

    Brad is a great sub for Mike – I couldn’t think of anyone I’d accept on the most ruthless, truth-telling show on radio. Can’t wait for the return of MALLOYVISION™! It has been a blast.

    Many Blessings to the Malloy family. See y’all soon!



  2. glenn_uk

    I thought I’d heard Tuesday’s show before. Wonder what’s happened? Hope all is OK.

    I’m sure my podcast subscription has expired, but I’m getting no reminder to pay for a new year.

    Looking forward to the book coming out later this year – wonder how that’s coming along.

  3. SoloPocono

    I’d totally forgotten about Thom going to Germany-so when I first tuned in to his show today-my first thought was “OMG, They’re Holding Our Favorite Liberal Talkers”!!

    Geez…I have GOT to find Dialysis and doctors offices that don’t carry Glenn Beck!! I vaguely remember having a dream last night about a little RED Church House, the Unitarian Church & a bunch of Grand-Parent Communists trying to take over the Country…

    oh, wait-that was yesterdays show… :O

  4. DavidNM

    I also hope everything’s OK with Mike.

    Question – once he’s back online next week – is there any kind of video podcast? I can’t listen live due to scheduling issues – which is why I buy the podcast. Same holds true for the video.

  5. glenn_uk

    Ah – they already have taken my annual premium payment, it was included in last month’s credit card bill.

    Bet the Malloys are now awash with cash, with all these repeat subscriptions pouring in, and they’ve ran off with the cash!

  6. Psychoticus rex

    embedded is the link to the station 1150 am that’ll be playing brad live tonight. The SHOW STARTS AT 7PM however!

    Some fuck up has left us listening to this right wing neo-con poor people are stupid and deserve to be poor eliminate social security asshole on a show called “market watch” Start listening at 7pm if you don’t want to be screaming at your radio.

  7. MarsHottentot

    Glenn UK wrote:
    “Ah – they already have taken my annual premium payment, it was included in last month’s credit card bill.

    Bet the Malloys are now awash with cash, with all these repeat subscriptions pouring in, and they’ve ran off with the cash!”

    Yeah, living large on the 1k dollars they probably got. Surely, you kid.

    An aside: it’s 9:30 and no Brad on the stream. What’s up?

  8. JAPE


    It’ll be nice to hear your comforting voice, again and reassuring us that this society is getting freer. In the words of Leonard Cohen, “Democracy is coming, coming to the U.S.A.”

  9. JAPE

    @ Mike or Anyone

    Was Hollywood trying to tell us something in the movie, “Deep Impact,” (’98) in which the president was portrayed by Morgan Freeman, a black man? In this role, Freeman brought this country and all of our differing ideologies back together following a natural disaster.

    Another disaster movie, “2012,” (’09) Danny Glover, a black man, is portrayed as the LAST president of the U.S.

    I was thinking that if we liberal progressives allow the neo-cons and teabaggers any more leverage, Hollywood’s fictional future will become reality. There WILL be a disaster and Obama WILL be the LAST duly elected president of the U.S.

  10. Rox

    you are right on, JAPE! what this country needs, tonight, is a good rage, starring the sex pistols and such. i don’t think i can take one more moment of the insanity flying about, (you know the monkeys), batshit crazy bachmann, hannity on the fly, rush,”git in my belly” limbaugh, etc., at nauseum. BRAD FRIEDMAN ROCKS the HOUSE of MALLOY!

  11. Arch


    And you think that conservatives are paranoid? Wow. I have no other word for it, especially in light of the obvious extreme right-lean that exists in Hollywood (sarcasm of an extreme nature).

  12. Rox

    Shout out to my conservative, republican, brothers and sisters. You may mark my words. President Barack Obama should and will be on Mount Rushmore. Y’all still there, war mongers and lurkers? Have a spectacular evening and smile away.

  13. JAPE

    @ All

    A political disaster is going to happen to the cons and shitbaggers. Hannity suggests that Palin should be a candidate in the 2012 election and Bachmann run as her vice. I guess they’re calling it a “dream ticket.” I hope it actually happens. Insanity (rhymes with Hannity) will ensue!

    Imagine, if you will, a debate between Obama and Palin and/or a debate between Biden and Bachmann???!!!

    Two, count ’em, two nutbags! Palin and Bachmann: A “dream ticket” for liberal progressive Democrats, that is!

  14. JAPE

    @ Rox

    Putting President Obama on Mt. Rushmore is a great idea! Yeah, right next to Teddy Roosevelt. T.R. was the last Republican who actually cared about the American people and, I believe, the first to say that there should be national health care. That was about a HUNDRED YEARS ago!

  15. Rox

    DNR, why aren’t you busy with your favourite people, Hannity, Bachmann, Palin, Limbaugh, the Cheney Klan, etc., as you all gotta lotta work to do before November, coming!? Really, dear, you’re wasting your precious time and energy posting here. However, if you get your “jollies” with us, just wipe your screen clean when you’re done, please, k?

  16. JAPE

    @ All

    Calling the President a “coporatist.” It sounds just like what the wingnuts call him, among other things. Hmmm…

    He said, BEFORE the election that he had “been called every name in the book.” After 15 months, the vitriol, against him, is still flying and the right wing bigots are still doing everything they can to stop him from being sucessful.

    Let’s examine the facts, shall we? What’s the one thing that comes to mind that’s different about Obama than all of his 43 predecessors? THAT’S the bottom line! So, if people say that they “don’t agree with his policies,” what they really mean is that they don’t agree with his RACE! The fuckbags on the right are just more overt about their racism.

  17. fenian

    DNR knows what he is talking about

    obama is a typical capitalist politician. Just look at this crappy health insurance legislation he just pushed down our throats which doesn’t get rid of the for profit insurance industry but just entenches it more by forcing people to but this crappy mess or be penialized, thats just one example of his pro-corporate agenda, there are many many more…

    Listen to Socialist Alternative Radio for a real political alternative. It is on once a week on Friday mornings from 7:00 am-9:00 am
    on WMFO radio
    There are program archives

    Below are links to 2 shows for download, there are many more available…

    SA radio 04/10/10

    SA radio 04/02/10

    It is also archived on my blog

  18. Dan Bravin

    My wayward friend fenian,
    When we finally get a decent person as president that wants to help THE PEOPLE we have idiots like you trying to pound him down. As the saying goes “can’t we just get along.” Mr Obama has tried everything to get along with the opposition except for standing on his head. When Mr. Obama has to fight against the Bilderburg Group, the Trileral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the rest of the World Order fascist corporatists to try to save your ass, I think you should be a little more appreciative.

  19. Beckwatch

    My guess is Mike went to the doc about his allergies; and his doc said; Well; I can dope you up with antihistamines; or you can go for a quick out of town vacation. Mike chose the scenic route and is getting some well deserved fresh air….;-)

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