Cha-Cha-Cha Changes!

Truthseekers, the White Supremacists are growing in global reach and lethal force, and The Don denies it.  Just a few “crazy people.”  He is the poster boy for hate crimes. 107% rise in hate crimes since that dark day in November 2016.

 Hard to imagine a more deeply disgusting display of nonchalance from any elected leader.  His weak sympathy offer falls especially flat after his scary warning yesterday that he has “the police, the military, and bikers” behind him if things “get tough.”  So, if his pet Senator Lindsay Graham can’t block the Mueller report, look out for angry mobs in the street.  Then he will declare martial law, suspend elections, and there you have it.

Welcome to Fascism Trump-style.  

Also up for discussion tonight, the world wide climate change protests led by teenagers who want to have a normal future.  Or just a future, period. 

Join us LIVE 9 PM ET!


Turthseekers, as we told you in January we have separated from our business partner and are now flying solo.  As part of this change, we will begin broadcasting the Malloy podcast (audio and video) for one hour 9-10 PM ET beginning Monday 3/17. 

This is in line with the length of most podcasts and might help us reach more outlets.  We are still broadcasting on Progressive Voices and TuneIn, that remains unchanged.

BONUS! We will  offer a NEW bonus weekend show available to subscribers.  This will be a departure from the typical Malloy Show. One week the focus might be non-political, might be guest interviews, might be hosted by Kathy!



The annual audio/video podcast combo was $99/year, is now just $49/year for new subscriptions and renewals.  There is no more audio-only $59/year subscription. We are offering a single podcast, both audio and video, for $49/year.

Monthly subscribers also get a single audio/video podcast for $7.95 (down from $9.95).

ALL subscribers will get the weekly bonus show!

You can listen & watch live, free, as always.



Now you can sponsor an hour for $50 instead of $100!  And now that we are completely on our own, we need your advertising!  Either through sponsorships or repeating ads.  We welcome honest products and services, like NovaJoint, Blue Tribe Coffee, or Healin Hollers.  Email to discuss.



Didn’t get that tax refund The Don promised?  From now until tax day April 15 you can subscribe for only $29/year!  And sponsorships drop to just $25 each! That’s a savings of 70% 

If you were waiting to sponsor or subscribe, this is the best deal we’ve ever offered!



At long last the book is being printed and will soon be shipped!  If you are a Kickstarter supporter, watch for an email survey soon to confirm your shipping address.  We are also sending some small gifts to thank you for your patience while Mike overcame the considerable health hurdles and life events that caused the delay.



Save the date- June 7, 8, and 9 in the beautiful N. Georgia mountains!  We had so much fun in rainy November, we are doing it again in sunny June!  This time in Blairseville for the Scottish Highland Games!  Fly into Atlanta, Knoxville, or Greenville.  More detail to follow soon.


THANK YOU for all they ways you have supported our radio program over the many years, and transition to podcast.  We want to keep it lit as long as possible and hope these changes will allow us to join you around many more nightly Malloy campfires!  

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