Two Kims walked into a bar…..well, a White House.  One was a known foreign spy and one a super-hot Reality TV star.  Only one left satisfied . . . . 

Trump demurred on Kim Kardashian’s request to pardon a great-grandmother who was serving time for a drug charge.   But he enthusiastically welcomed North Korean spy chief and Kim Jung Un’s right-hand man, Kim Yong Chol, straight into the Oval office for an unscheduled hour-long personal chat and perhaps guided tour. Maybe gave him a souvenir ashtray, or box of spy plane designs. 

God only knows what state secrets he handed over this time. 

Moot point, really, as The Don and his crackpot legal team have declared his actions completely above the law.  Even murder.  The howler monkey once known as Rudy Giuliani toured the Sunday talk circuit and raved that Trump could’ve shot James Comey and no one could bring charges against him while he was in office.   After all, Trump could pardon himself and be free to spend his golden years frolicking at Mar a Lago – grand-kid perched on one knee and porn star on the other. 

Dear God.  We’re actually discussing the right of a President to murder a Department of Justice official.  This is the new normal?  

Putin is laughing his ass off.  Look what his hackers accomplished just in the UK and US –   Brexit and this idiotic orange con artist who can’t even spell “Special Councel {sic}” when banging out his toddler tantrums tweets.

With a hefty hacker assist (we may never know how hefty), Putin was able to install a racist Russian asset into the most powerful position in the world.  What the hell else is there to accomplish if you’re the Russian dictator?  Game over.  Flag is captured.  Checkmate.  Time to work on that space laser . . . .

Oh, the Midterms.  Does anybody have any confidence that our coming elections – in just 6 months – are Putin-proof?  What has Trump done to ensure the security of our free and fair elections?




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