Church Night!

If it’s Wednesday, it must be Church Night, Truthseekers!  And there’s no shortage of topics on the table for discussion.  In fact, AlterNet recently published a nice summary of the Christian “persecution” myth that is a frequent theme on this program as well.  Here’s a snippet:

Christians may be a super majority in the U.S. They may control the U.S. Congress and, as we all were reminded recently, the Supreme Court. But that hasn’t stopped Bible believers from preparing their children for martyrdom. Web resources abound for church youth leaders who want to make sure their young charges are ready when the lions come for them. Titles include, “ Expect to be Persecuted” “ Persecution Equals Reward” and “ Adventure Game—Persecution of Christians and Paul of Tarsus.”

Stuff Fundies Like is a blog by and for people coming out of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist tradition. Recently one former Baptist told how his high school youth group had been divided into two groups, assigned to play the roles of persecutors and martyrs. In 2012 a youth pastor in Pennsylvania made international news by staging the kidnapping of his young charges to help prepare them for the horrors to come.

The Christian persecution complex is absurd. Modern American Christians are not persecuted or under attack.  But for Christians who are truly concerned about hostility toward their faith, I have a bit of advice: Don’t be evil. And don’t let your co-religionists get away with being evil either.

No, really.

The article then continues with 9 ways the Rapture Right can avoid being evil.  No, really.

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This article has 4 comments

  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Christians are not persecuted. They are delusional for believing
    in a deity (Molly’s favorite new word). But they feel as though
    they are because “God told them they are.” Sure.

    Then when an example of REAL persecution occurs, such as what is
    happening on our southern border where refugee children are being
    shunned and vilified by paranoid Christian Righties, it’s called
    patriotism. What’s the deal? Are those children not “Christian
    Enough?” Or, perhaps just the wrong color of Christian.

    Do they not know that their Messiah said, ” Whatever ye do to the
    least of these my brethren, ye do unto me.” We are ALL children
    of God, or so it says in the Book. Christians like thinking that
    they, even though imperfect, are forgiven. They are NOT forgiven,
    just imperfect. Religiously imperfect, practiced to perfection.

  2. DanTheMan

    More podcast trauma? Tuesday a repeat of Monday (and Mike already said that was to be the case) and no Wednesday on Thursday AM? Very annoying.

    Oh, and just to let y’all know the holier-than-thou hypocrite/adulteress in my office who answers the phone “Christ is Risen” announced to her Eastern Euro pal (nice woman, not the sharpest knife in the drawer either) that “Oh course, I have Fox News on all the time!” Why am I NOT surprised! Amazing that people this clueless are walking the face of the earth.

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