Church Night

Yes Truthseekers, you heard Mike last night.  We are bringing you a “classic” Malloy show tonight from the wayback machine, so enjoy this blast from the past.  Mike returns LIVE tomorrow at 9PM ET!

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    As though it was not already cold enough at the Winter Olympics, the US is sending in two icebergs for the closing ceremonies. You’ve heard, I’m sure, that stone-cold Sarah Sanders will be accompanying Ivanka, the ice queen; but why?

    Let’s see- Could it be Ivanka is pimping her fashion collection on the world stage with Sarah as her model? Really- IT is 5’11”- too tall.
    Sanders is 5’4”- the average height of Korean women.

    Could be, but I think Sarah has something very different in mind and that she will attempt and succeed in extinguishing the Olympic Flame from 50 meters with a single lip-snarl. After all, the flame represents truth and light.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    On the issue of mankind and humans’ attitude toward nature…
    “I’ll tell you, the whole thing is an enormous battle between Man’s intelligence and his stupidity. And I’m not at all sure that stupidity isn’t going to win out in the long run.”
    -Marjory Stoneman Douglas

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