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It’s Wednesday, Truthseekers, time for our weekly tent revival! Join Mike around the sacred campfire and get ready to testify truth to power!  The Rapture Right seems to be losing their war on gays, in the court of public opinion and likely the Supreme Court as well.  Even Glenn Beck is taking up the cause of marriage equality.  Yikes!  Maybe the world is going to end next Friday as the Mayans predicted. 

So join us tonight for three hours of take-no-prisoners testifying truth to power LIVE at 9PM ET!  Amen.  And if you can toss a few coins in the collection plate you can join us as we expand the Mike Malloy Show into exciting new media outlets in the New Year! 

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  1. Ned

    If Obama hadn’t hired all those DLC, former Clinton cabinet people, his administration wouldn’t be such a shambles. They’re all shameless CFR corporatists, and slaves to the multi-nationals for their campaign coffers, not to mention corrupt. Why else would Hillary/Susan Rice deliberately sabotage cease fires and UN observer missions by having the terrorist ramp up the bombings of civillian targets – a police station, tv station a courthouse?

  2. Ned

    Can the casualty figures used on Democracy Now by the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” based in London and receiving the entirety of their reports via “phone” & YouTube videos from Syria, is working in coordination with both US-funded NGOs and the British Foreign Minister. Considering that Hague similarly coddled Libyan opposition leaders in London while playing a key role in promoting the NATO attack on Libya and the subsequent installation of a BP oilman as “prime minister,” Abdelrahman’s consorting signifies a verbatim repeat of the now openly fraudulent and genocidal NATO campaign in Libya.” No, indeed not.

  3. Ned

    “The opposition who would like to see Assad fall” as Glass stated in the previous posted clip of Democracy Now


    shame on Amy Goodman you govmnt paid liar and propagandist

    Debunking 10 Myths About The CIA’s Psychological Occupation of The American Mind

  4. Ned

    And just think Turkey gets to be included in the INVISIBLE NATO MISSLE DEFENSE SHIELD for helping in the slaughter 🙂
    Again on Starving Syria
    Dont forget Albright said it was ok in Iraq yes but the U.N. estimate of those killed in Iraq sanctions in the 90’s was 1.5 million including 500,00 children – thats genocide -intentional or not …”Al-Nusra has also claimed responsibility for recent suicide bombings that killed scores of people, and has said it hopes to replace the Assad family’s four-decade hold on power with a strict Islamic state.

    The strike on Alawites came in bomb attacks in the village of Aqrab in the central province of Hama and killed or wounded at least 125 civilians, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.”

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