Columbus Day?

Gotta wonder why we keep celebrating this one, Truthseekers.  Maybe the banks love it, but it must be pretty painful for the Native Americans, historians, and most non-Teabaggers to stomach.  Why not call it Smallpox Day?  Or Incredibly Inaccurate History Day? 

On the CBS Sunday Morning show some wise soul suggested they instead rename it “Exploration Day” in honor of all the American explorers who have made a positive (emphasis on positive) impact on our nation.  Makes sense, right? 

Hope you’re planning to watch PBS FRONTLINE special “The Choice” tomorrow night.  Check your local listings – while you can – because if America makes “the Choice” for Romney in November, there may not be anymore PBS.

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    How about we rename this “National Day of Shame?” As in,
    SHAME on us for celebrating the violence, subjugation,
    racism and genocide brought to this once pristine land.

    Every year at this time, it’s impossible for me to feel
    anything other than shame for what preceded us. Do the
    Germans have a national holiday in honor of Adolf Hitler?
    What’s next? Cheney/Bush Day?

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