Come to Jesus

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world Truthseekers, and the religious right stands at the epicenter of our collective national nervous breakdown. It’s difficult to believe that we’re living in a society that still justifies discrimination, bigotry, denial of civil rights, and even murder by some twisted interpretation of the teachings of Jesus.

Jesus, the ultimate peacemaker, would cast the current crop of Christian Crazies out of the temple – and out of the political system –  were he here today.

Welcome to Jesusland, where male politicians who attempt to force women to undergo invasive medical procedures and/or deny their privacy rights can successfully attain and maintain public office.  Even those who believe women should be forced to sustain a pregnancy that was a result of rape or incest. Or if the act of childbirth would kill them.  Yeah, this is progress.

Can you imagine a group of female politicians trying to control a man’s right to a vasectomy?  Or access to condoms?  But in Jesusland, men make their own reproductive decisions, and also decide what women are allowed to do with their bodies, too.  “Legitimate” rape notwithstanding.

In Jesusland these same (generally white male) politicians work tirelessly to deny the civil rights of those who happen to be gay so they can control and hold dominion over yet another minority segment of the population.

Jesusland has laws like “stand your ground” that legalize murder if the (generally white male) killer feels threatened by an unarmed (generally minority) individual.  As George Zimmerman explained to Fox “News,” the death of Trayvon Martin was “God’s Plan.”  Because, y’know, Jesus was all about killing people. It seems George was simply the tool God used in His plan to murder this teenager.

There is no place for logic in Jesusland, after all.  Only the interpretation of those who have been ordained by God to exert their power in His name over the rest of us. Remember,Dubya said he was instructed by God to invade Iraq.  Who are we to question?

Not crazy enough for you?  No worries, get ready for Jesusland 2.0 if the Republicans gain the majority in the Senate in the next election.

And the real insanity is that these extremists are elected again and again.  Even when their true motives and beliefs are exposed – they are returned to office because of their inane actions – not in spite of them.

So who is more mentally ill – the candidate or the voter?






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This article has 5 comments

  1. Dick Cheney, War Criminal

    “So who is more mentally ill – the candidate or the voter?”

    Well, KBM, that’s not an easy question. I’m going to have to think about it and get back to you at a later time with an answer.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    “I like your Christ,I do not like your Christians. Your Christians
    are so unlike your Christ.” -Mahatma Gandhi.

    Sadly, Jesus would certainly agree with the second line and do unto
    their blasphemous asses with a vengeance from the “All Goddamn Mighty.”

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