Cruel Summer

Invisible oil has been found in the waters of the Gulf Coast beaches, according to scientific tests.  Seems the disbursements BP dumped in an attempt to cover up their crime are working to spread unseen poison throughout the shallow waters.  Tony Hawyard should be in jail, but now has his life back since he’s been replaced by another corporate shill, Robert Dudley, a BP managing director, in the daily (cough) “clean up” efforts in the Gulf.

And McChrystal is McOusted today and replaced with his superior Gen. Petraeus.  It’s just a round-robin of brass in and out of the Mideast, isn’t it Truthseekers?

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  1. Rothgar

    You know hidden in this McCrystal mess is the seeds for success in Afghanistan. On several occasions the various Generals have talked about departure starting July 2011. This date certain (which the GOP hates) is perfect for Afghanistan. The one sensible argument for our involvement was the risk of enboldening the Islamists because of their ability to defeat first the Soviets and now the USA. If we set a date to depart we are leaving on our own without giving them any chance to claim credit for our departure. Had Obama done this earlier it would have looked like he was too much of a whimp to stand up to the Taliban and such. We need the next year or so to establish the habit among the tribes of self-control like we’ve seen in Iraq and before that Northern Ireland. In Ireland, eventually politicians on both sides had enough at stake in the peaceful exercise of power that terrorist attacks were no allowed to be reason for conflict. We are seeing a bit of this in Iraq where their parties realize they’ll get their country back (to do whatever) if they keep a lid on their a-holes.

    We need to get on our Senators and Representatives to make this date the official US policy. For those of us with Democratic or progressive reps we need to urge them to push for this stance. For those us us in Red States we need to push our representatives to say or do something that makes the date certain exit (perhaps pull a verbal MacArthur – advocating bombing Afghanistan) that also pushes the administration to do the
    right thing.

    Come on folks time to put our Congress to work — for us!

  2. nana kuggles

    The beings that discovered, invaded and settled the United States were never guided by a moral compass. Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” is a must read for anyone still harboring naïve ideals about the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  3. Andy in Seattle

    First of all; can we f*cking abort the idea that our military is “professional”? How can ANYONE take any member of the corporate military establishment serious when they claim to be “profesional”? They are nothing more than baby killers. PURE AND SIMPLE!!

    I am SICK of saying that these people are heros. Christ! They are disrespectful of life, the planet (would we like to talk about the environmental damage our military does?) and the idea of civilian control of the military.

    Second, the oil spill. It’s gushing more than ever before. And you know why? American’s LOVE stuff to be BIG!! Big SUV’s!! Big meals!! Big TV’s and BIG HUGE GUTS!!!!

    Frankly, it serves us right that the oil disaster is getting bigger and worse. Earth is trying to kill us and at this point I hope she wins.

    I have to take a break from Mike and the news for a few weeks.

    Maybe the planet will still be around by then?

  4. JAPE


    McChrystal is history. Can you hear (and smell) the neo-con’s scripts as they prepared their statements either way of Obama’s decision? If he hadn’t booted the General, they’d say Obama was “weak.” If he had (he did) booted him, they’d say Obama was “taking control of the military.”

  5. Dude


    Or, if you want to get sublime about the whole thing, look at it like this: you’ve got front-row seats to one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in human-history!

    That’s got to be kind of thrilling, dontcha think?

  6. Dude

    Oh, great….

    Oil containment efforts in the Gulf of Mexico encountered a major setback Wednesday when an underwater vehicle struck the cap that had been collecting oil on the sea bottom, forcing engineers to remove it.

    The cap over the damaged well had been capturing 700,000 gallons a day, meaning that additional amount of oil is now flowing directly into the Gulf, according to the Deepwater Horizon Response. Video of the open pipe showed a plume of orange-tinted crude gushing untouched into the mile-deep waters.

    A separate pipe that had been siphoning off about 438,000 gallons a day continued to operate. In all, the government estimates 1.5 million to 2.5 million gallons a day is coming out of the well.

  7. Andy in Seattle

    @Dude, true but sadly we can’t even get a good and pretty sounding speech from Obama any more.

    BTW, since the only power Obama seems to have is speaking, which one of the Superfriends would that make him?

  8. irishdave3

    Tonight’s question: Is being “praised” by Gen. Barry “War Criminal, Corporate Division” on the Special Ed Show a good thing for Barry “President BoHica” or not? Guess we could toss a COIN!

  9. crow

    so stanley resigned and is off to his fat pension and his new job as regional sales manager for the military-industrial complex, as well as honcho war expert for the corporate mainstream media.

    stanley was actually criticized by other brass for ‘restraining’ the use of firepower when killing the indigenous population. how insane the response will be now is anyone’s guess.

    ain’t life grand?

  10. SPO101

    COME ON! These power mad, military types just don’t like Democrats, do they? The Left always cutting away at their inflated budgets and arms dealing agenda…

    Gen. S. McChrystal and his staff #*~/ed up big-time. Here’s soldiers who went to war, WITHOUT QUESTION, for a bunch of military service dodgers like Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/etc, but they got the b***s to badmouth the Obama/Biden Administration IN PUBLIC!.

    organize, Organize, ORGANIZE!
    That why we’re organizing a DC rally where Concerned Citizens gain consciousness and support a mass exorcism of the Pentagon. (lol) 100,000’s of the PEOPLE to encircle the building, joining hands, giving thanks and praise while religious leaders perform their rituals to get EVIL out of this military structure built in the 5-sided sign of Satan!

    The last time they tried this was during the Vietnam WAR. (Read: “Armies of the Night” by Norman Mailer or “Soon to be a major motion picture” by Abbie Hoffman) The only problem back then was that 100’s of Marshalls and private security officers came out to beat and gas members of the congregation before they could complete the mission…

  11. Dude


    It seems to me that people everywhere are getting more and more crazy. I think it might be some sort of psychological defense against all of the horrendous happening of these times.

    Personally, I’m doing all that I can, and can afford to do, to stabilize my finances, as well as take care of my physical and mental health. I think that’s the best most of us can do at this point.

  12. matt

    Horrendous? More crazy?
    J. Frank Parnell: Radiation, yes indeed! You hear the most outrageous lies about it. Half-baked goggle-boxed do-gooders telling everybody it’s bad for you. Pernicious nonsense! Everybody could stand a hundred chest X-rays a year. They ought to have ’em too. When they canceled the project it almost did me in. One day my mind was literally a-burst. The next day nothing. Swept away… But I’ll show them. I had a lobotomy in the end.

    Otto: Lobotomy? Isn’t that for loonies?

    J. Frank Parnell: Not at all. A friend of mine had one. Designer of the neutron bomb. Ever hear of the neutron bomb? Destroys people. Leaves buildings standing. It fits in a suit case. It’s so small no one knows it’s there until blammo. Eyes melt skin explodes everybody dead. It’s so immoral working
    on the thing can drive you mad. That’s what happened to this friend of mine. So he had a lobotomy. Now he’s well again…
    On June 24, 1997, the Air Force released a report on the so-called “Roswell Incident,” suggesting the alien bodies witnesses reported seeing in 1947 were actually life-sized dummies.

  13. Jeff

    IMO McChrystal should have been fired sent to the brig or the Hague a long time ago. Not only for lying about Pat Tillman’s cause of death, but for commanding a unit in Iraq (Task Force 6-26) that was in charge of secret prisons in Iraq. These prisons were infamous for abusing and killing prisoners, the most notable being Abu Ghraib and Camp Nama.

    BTW, what is with Conservatives and their fawning devotion to Generals? They treat them like high ranking officials of the Roman Catholic church, to which they believe anyone with stars on their shoulders is infallible.

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