DACA Debacle

Mike is LIVE tonight, Truthseekers!  Ready to tackle the DACA debacle, hurricane season, the Trump HR problem, western wildfires, and more!

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  1. Kurt from Cali

    Hello Mike,

    This is Kurt from Cali. I lost you after you left KTNF a couple of Winters ago. I just happened to notice you were back on the air.

    I am in the LiveStrem Chat room right now, but no one is there, and I seem to be the only one responding to your broadcast.
    It is good to see you still healthy and raising hell as always. I will continue to listen and whenever you folks decide to turn on the phones, I will be there.
    We have a lot to talk about.
    Best regards,
    Kurt from Cali

    1. burningbush

      I agree, ngalvin. No new Malloy since 08/31 — 6 days ago — and then, when we are supposed to finally get a new show on Tuesday, we still don’t get that! By the time we finally get Tuesday’s podcast — if we do — it will no longer be “news;” it will be “olds.” (And let’s not even bring up the first-promised, then cancelled Monday show!) M&K: You’re trying to be successful with a podcast show — to do so, the podcasts MUST be timely!

      1. TakeTheCannoli2

        What are you whining about now? Bob Kincaid filled in for Mike on 9/1. Bob is a valued friend of Mike, and a champion environmentalist and progressive who runs a program that is both erudite and down home. He’s the fill-in host, so get used to it. Mike is off on weekends, so get used to that. Mike is entitled to a holiday, so get used to that. It says on the podcast page that podcasts are posted by 10am the next day, so get used to that, too. Mike runs a commentary program, not a news program. He offers historical context to the events and issues of the day. If you have to have nonstop “breaking news,” try CNN.

          1. ngalvin

            Denny… you really do have a lot of hate in you, don’t you? I guess we shouldn’t voice our concerns about timely podcast posts, because you would rather have us “two-bit bitches” shut up and accept what we get. I try to keep my complaints civil and without personalized insults or profanity – something you might want to try.

  2. DennyNNWofLA

    Having made a conscious decision
    to never again use the word ‘Hate’ as a verb, the disdain I feel toward fake president Trump nevertheless increases almost daily.
    With his latest attack on American society, in this case children, his rescinding of DACA, it has become nearly impossible. I’m now feeling the need to find another outlet for my rage against this bloated orange monster, capable of causing more damage than ten Harveys and Irmas combined.

    As a result, on my fifteen minute drive to my favorite Mexican restaurant this morning, I tried thinking of things I like about him; as many as I could. Upon arrival, believe it or don’t, I had three.
    He is O B E S E .
    He is seventy-one years old.
    He has a terrible diet.

    All this information was well received at the restaurant, too.

  3. TakeTheCannoli2

    We’ll get through this somehow, Denny. The 2018 midterms are our best chance to plug this fountain of poison. Oddly enough, Trump has been helped by not getting any of his major economic initiatives passed — yet. So the economy is still running by default on a trajectory set in motion by Obama. That could end if Congress passes massive tax cuts for the 1%.
    Trump’s repeal of DACA hasn’t yet had any immediate impact. Depending how the details work out, there’s possible long-term harm to all of us if we lose a large number of would-be skilled workers. In the meantime, many Hispanics have to live in fear while the horse-trading over DACA plays out in Congress.

    1. DennyNNWofLA

      I cannot even think about another week of this now that congress is back in business.
      Wait ’til the horses being traded are paid for from our social protection programs on an emergency basis, of course, to pay for a show of hurricane relief while still passing more tax benefits to the predatory disaster capitalists reaping and raping. And the worst is coming…

  4. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    “If you have to have nonstop “breaking news,” try CNN.”

    Really?! What type of person watches CNN expecting real news, Cannoli? Corporate, mainstream media does not care about informing the American people, sir. Do I need to list all of the issues they avoid like the plague? All of the problems they refuse to talk about because it might interfere with their advertising revenue? If you want “real” news, go online to publicly-funded progressive outlets.

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