Dangerous Times

Good News!  Especially for BP . . . there has been an arrest in the NYC bomb threat.  Faisal Shahzad is naturalized American citizen, originally from Pakistan.  Specifically, froman area near Karachi known for its connections to Al Qaeda and the 2008 Mumbai massacre.

At least for this news cycle, Halliburton/Cheney/BP/Big Oil has escaped further scrutiny.  No matter, the Corporate Media has already exonerated Cheney and his associates and consiglieres from any responsibility for the irresponsibility that lead to the disaster. 

And for proof that we are living in frightening times, a NY Times poll shows that 51% of polled Americans support the new Arizona immigration law.  They were not asked if they supported the mandated racial profiling that the law would require to enforce it, or if they agreed that cultural studies should be banned, as should any teacher with a “thick” accent. 

We’ll discuss this and other madness on the program tonight! 877-996-2556!

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  1. Bill L

    Gawd what a mess all around . This stuff is unbelievable!! OH i heard today Thom H filibustered a guy who is a fellow =truth seeker who called in what we heard last night about t O2 starvation an the engineer who said how bad this really is an sure do look like we B in DEEP deep dark KIM CHE… Bill

  2. crow

    re: Faisal Shahzad

    can we believe anything the government says about this convenient, totally incompetent ‘terrorist’ act? two full days of the news cycle. he is getting more face time than tiger woods.

    way too convenient, eh?

    paranoia is knowing the facts – william burroughs

  3. Pattyber

    ya know;

    They (and i mean adherents of the “old” right) seem to be on the defensive a bit, taking whatever they will be allowed to take before what I anticipate another tsunami that will just about kill the rapublican party.

    they have waged asymetrical war on the “little people” since 1980. and their time may just about be up.

  4. crow


    where is the surveillance video of Faisal Shahzad driving the SUV to the spot, getting out, and walking away?

    he said he acted alone; he gave the timeline. the area is blanketed with cameras.

    where is that video?

  5. chucky

    Wow. I’m absolutely loving the way Malloy is ripping on these faux religious freaks tonight. Keep up the great job of tearing these con-men a new body orifice! And don’t show them any mercy. After all, they sure as hell wouldn’t show you any.

  6. James

    Do you think all pilots serving this country are cowards or just McCain? I know many members of the Air Force and I believe them to be honorable people. I respect them for their service and am honored to serve along their side.

  7. Arch

    Have any geniuses on the left actually bothered to read the Arizona bill?

    Oh, you havn’t? You’re just repeating the racist bile from liberal pundits who are trying to incite race-related incidents as a means to further the biased political agenda of the left?

    Well, here’s the text of the law for you to peruse (that means read):


    It’s funny, I don’t see any section about “if a person looks Hispanic then police can arrest them.”


    In other words, if there is reasonable suspicion that someone has broken a motor vehicle law, they can be pulled over. And….how is that different from before?


    So, once “lawful contact [is] made by a law enforcement official,” or in other words someone is legally pulled over or detained, then a “reasonable attempt shall be made…to determine the immigration status of the person.”

    Again, how is that different from before? Oh, that’s right – Arizona is doing what the Federal government (including Bush) refused to do. It was wrong to skip it under Bush, it’s wrong under Obama, and I’m glad that Arizona is doing it now.

  8. Bo

    @ crow

    I despise anarchists———————–AND YOU ARE ONE
    I despise non-patriots———————AND YOU ARE ONE
    I despise idiots against the rule of law—AND YOU ARE ONE
    I despise fascists————————-AND YOU ARE ONE
    I despise terrorist————————AND YOU ARE ONE

    May peace and justice guide and nurture the American dream.

  9. Arch

    @ Crow:

    Re: Terrorism

    For past coverage of how the news covered thwarted terrorist attacks, try looking up these:


    Stop trying to see conspiracy where none exists – the oil spill was a terrible accident, but it was an accident. There’s no plot to try and cover up the oil spill – we all know about it. An actual attempted terrorist attack, however, is big news.

  10. Paul

    I liked the “keystone terrorists” comment I heard on the Steph show. Shoes, underwear, and now firecrackers, I for one am terrified! I can’t live in this country any more, its too dangerous. I need to go somewhere where they don’t have all this terrorism. God, have I told you how much I hate these people! 🙁

  11. ruth

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT MIKE–THAT WAS ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS ‘BOMBER’–HOW OPPORTUNE FOR BP–I wear the badge of conspiracy theorist proudly, and I even went so far to think, for a flash, I wonder if the government could even cook this thing up–why would I think a think like that, some might ask–because I remember all too well that the London subway bombings happened JUST AS CONGRESS was going to vote on the extension of the Patriot act or something like that–I’m not saying that that is the case here, but I ain’t sayin’ it ain’t!

  12. ruth

    Crow, I’m with you–great point!!! re WHERE IS THE VIDEO. and as for Bo, A. I’m not sure one can be a fascist and anarchist at the same time, and B. must be pretty rough going around despising so many people–sounds kind of depressing to me

  13. Bo

    @ ruth

    As for you ruth, One can be anything who is against the United States government and the democracy we live in. Yes it is a shame that so many people hate our government and the freedoms that we have, maybe they should move to another country. Yes, ruth it is very depressing.

  14. JAPE

    @ All

    Leave it to Arch to weigh-in with regard to AZ’s immigration law. Even a layman can read the law and determine the “spirit” of that law as racial profiling of Hispanics, or brown-skinned people who “look” Hispanic. How do you racially profile someone who looks Canadian? Remember, we must secure BOTH of our borders.
    Unfortunately, our country has had a long history of segregating non-whites from whites.

    Erecting a fence from TX to CA seems feasible to many, but a fence from ME to WA is, of course, out of the question. According to former Sen. Trent Lott, the fence, in order to be effective, should be ELECTRIFIED!

    Yeah, Trent and Arch, keep people out of our white, christian nation! Both of you can go to hell and take your teabagging friends with you.

  15. Conservative In MN

    @Arch & BO

    Think it is funny how they are calling for video now? I Do. Yet we got bastardized for calling for video on the tea party using the N word.

    No video exists for the tea party N word allogation. There probably isn’t a video of the guy parking the suv either but did he honestly work alone?, not.

  16. JAPE

    @ CONservupcrap

    The point that I was trying to make…wait a minute, why don’t you ask someone who “looks” Hispanic, for their green card and see what happens?

    As for your “deflection” remark: I don’t know where you got that, but could you get your head out of your ass?

  17. Conservative In MN

    @Joke (Jape)

    Deflection..your both borders comment. Yet, the northern border doesn’t have a mass of people escaping canada. My humble prediction, we will be escaping the USA, sorry USSA, for canada. The southern border does have a mass of people daily. I’m curious..why did the gov’t abandon the virtual fence they spent 100s of millions on?

    Back to your point on profiling. Behaviors are profiled, we all do it. How do you tell someone is out to rob a bank or store? Not by the color of their skin but by their behavior. Even, white collar crimes can be profiled based on behavior. Tom Petters & Denny Hecker in MN are examples.

    I know its coming so call me racist…

    To the more sane here: lets have a dialogue on the subject.

  18. Eugene

    I thought at first you said it was probably a Glenn Beck supporter. You fucking liberal idiots are always assuming its someone on the right when it’s usually a middle-easterner. But you just want to be so politically correct that you can’t say that. You’re a fucking buffoon Malloy.

  19. Bo

    @ Eugene

    Take it easy, settle down.
    The only reason most people profile the righties,neocons,teabaggers and the non-patriots of this country is because, you have put yourselves in this situation by slamming the core of democracy in this country. Until you stop praising and glorifying corporatist,fascism and totalitarianism then we will listen to you. I think that is fair and balance.

    Peace and Justice

  20. Eugene

    And by most people, you mean liberals, right? And good use of the word teabaggers. I’m sure most 14 year-old boys would find that funny along with the hosts over at MSNBC. Apparently you don’t know who you voted for when you speak of the “core of democracy”. How do you feel about Barry signing an extension to the Patriot Act? Or the fact that he accepted thousands of dollars of contribution money from BP Oil? And by glorifying corporatists: This country would be Cuba if not for the success of corporations that create jobs and accounts for most of the taxes in this country.

  21. Bo

    @ Eugene

    Barry, Who?? Please read my statement again. You lost the whole concept of what I was saying. Please do not re-write my statement. Your just like the right wing historians, you like to re-write history.

    Wait a minute and sit back and think about what you wrote.
    Your thinking can only come out of MAD Magazine.

    Get a hold of yourself. Just think of the freedoms that you would lose by the path your taking in your life.

  22. JAPE

    @ Arse and CONjob

    It’s my guess that you support the AZ legislation, not because you’re neo-cons, but rather because you’re white males whose ancestors came from “acceptable” parts of Europe. So, it’s LUCK which gave you the birthright of priviledge and power. It’s too bad you don’t use it wisely.

    The point I’m making is that you’ve never been discrimated against by virtue of your race, gender, religion, sexual preference or national origin. Well, have you? I think not.

    Racial profiling, besides being based upon appearance, could also manifest itself in the perceived anticipation of negative behavior.

    P.S. If you feel it necessary to respond, fight against the feeling and please don’t dig yourselves in deeper.

  23. conservative in mn


    I’m not discrimanted against, right. U said religion…I’m a christian. Liberals don’t discimante against christians…right. be honest once in u r life!

  24. conservative in mn


    Boy can u stretch….

    How does it feel to be perfect? Takes a big person to never generalize….

    So what is ur personal experience with discrimination? Let’s hear ur story. Or are u a white privelaged person?

  25. Arch


    I support the Arizona law because it is enforcing a law that is on the books, but the Federal Gov’t refuses to enforce.

    As for Canada – let’s build a fence up there, too. “Secure the Border” means the ENTIRE border, not just the Southern border. It also means the ports – I can’t tell you how upset I was when Bush Jr. hired out our port security to a Saudi company – that shouldn’t have happened, whether it was a Saudi Company or a British company.

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less about hispanic immigration – I care about ILLEGAL immigration, whether it’s black, white, brown, or purple. We have laws and legal means of entering country, and people that are willing to respect our laws will enter legally.

    I mention “illegal immigration,” but you instantly turn it into “hispanic immigration.” The two are not the same thing – what don’t you get about that?

    Here’s my questions for you – why are you such a racist? You look at clearly illegal activities and turn it into a race issue. Why? Only racist jerks do that – are you a racist jerk?

    For example: I’ve asked you this before, and I want an answer from you.


    Isn’t this voter intimidation?

    If the guy with the camera phone (who announced that he was a poll watcher, if you didn’t notice) was “not there to vote,” why was the guy with the billy club there? He obviously wasn’t there to vote.

    What if it had been two white guys with shaved heads dressed in white robes standing outside of a polling place with a billy club? How would you respond then?

  26. JAPE

    @ All

    See, I knew these two cretins (arse & CON) would dig themselves in deeper and reveal what they are and what they represent.

    Liberals discriminate against legitimate christians? They know this is bullshit. Maybe not.

    What is MY personal experience with discrimination? Am I white? These stupid questions have nothing, whatsoever, to do with my personal feelings regarding any issue. Besides, it’s none of your goddam business!

  27. Conservative in MN


    Thanks for the laugh…Needed it. Can you ever answer a question????

    You suggest..”Liberals discriminate against legitimate christians? They know this is bullshit. “. First off what is “legitimate” Christians? Not familiar with that. What do you mean by that? I would think you can answer that one, can’t you.

    Here is an example…
    When working for the state we had memos going out about not saying Merry Christmas in your holiday decorations. Also, When leaving work on Dec 24th, it is very rare to hear “Merry Christmas”, why. Fear of ‘someone being offended’. Yet, EVERYONE get either Dec 25th off or atleast Holiday Pay. If your stuck working that day, volunteer to give back the Holiday Pay.

    Also, Many many cases of schools Censoring graduation speeches becuase someone wants to give credit to God or Jesus. But this doesn’t happen, ever. Get your head out of sand, get off your high horse.

    Again I ask…What is your experience with discrimination, is essense, what makes you such an expert? Or are you just full of opinions and feelings? You have proven in the past, facts mean nothing in an argument. I’m trying not to HURT your FEELINGS…NOT!

  28. Conservative in MN


    Joke(Jape) answer a question…hahahhahaha. Don’t get your hopes up.

    Have you not realized yet..He’s allowed to give you his OPINION (truth to him) yet if you challenge it your racist, dumb, etc. He can’t back it up with facts. (at least he hasn’t yet)

    Gets old doesn’t it.

    Keep up the Fight!!

  29. crow

    it always amazes me how many ‘conservatives’ work at government jobs their entire working lives, then collect government pensions until they keel over. often this phenomena is multi-generational.

    but they are ‘conservative’. lol

  30. JAPE

    @ All

    Any questions I ask of CONshit & Arse are purely rhetorical, but the numbnuts answer anyway. And they seem to get extremely defensive when anyone comes too close to what they consider a sensitive subject.

    I back up my opinions with facts that are COMMON KNOWLEDGE and they tell me to “prove” it. Shit, these guys are complete assholes! They prove it by themselves without any help from anyone!

  31. Arch


    RE: Christian Persecution:

    So there hasn’t been an attempt to pass “Hate Speech” laws that would cause every conservative preacher to go to jail when they spoke about their religious convictions on homosexuality? There hasn’t been a variety of plays such as “Corpus Christi” that portray Jesus as a homosexual (which isn’t true, by the way)? These are rhetorical – this is not: Why do you think that Christians have NOT been discriminated against?

    See, these are facts. They are not “common knowledge” on the left apparently, because you can’t seem to seem to make sense of these simple things. That’s why we ask for facts – because broad generalities, such as “Jape is a racist for turning everything into a racial issue,” need to be supported. I support that statement by pointing at your response to the video linked in my previous comment.

    We support our ideas with specifics: For example, I say that the government take-over of healthcare is bad for the country. I support this by pointing out that the Congressional Budget Office says that it will cost trillions, yes TRILLIONS, more than it was sold for and that it supposes the unconstitutional idea that a citizen must be FORCED to purchase something or be penalized. That’s support with facts, and facts don’t seem to be “common knowledge” on this site of “truthseekers.”

    Jape, I’ve never seen you support ANYTHING you’ve said, be it fact or opinion, even when asked to do so – apparently what you think of as “common knowledge” isn’t, especially since you are wrong so often. You make broad generalizations, but then offer no supporting evidence. You can’t even answer simple questions that ask for your opinion – there is one in my earlier post.

    That’s just pathetic.

    Truthseeker – yeah, right. Only if there are no facts in the truth.

  32. Bill L

    hey arch have you been to war? Or just another chicken hawk repubklain.like commander in chief AWOL i got a pimple on my butt Chenney or could you love i cant go limbo You most likely fit the good repuck freeper bill an run scared go hide in the toilet an pull the chain while standing in the pot. good by freeper

  33. Arch


    No, I have not been to war – however, I was recruited at one point by every branch of the armed forces, including the Coast Guard. However, I have the utmost respect and admiration for the men and women who choose to serve in defense of the freedoms that so many seem to take for granted. Why do you ask?

    Side note: you said, “commander in chief AWOL” and I’m guessing you are referring to the report of Bush Jr’s National Guard service – which, as I recall, led to Dan Rather being forced to retire by CBS because the “sources” he used for that report were about as reliable as notes scribbled on a barroom napkin, as one pundit put it.

    See: That’s called a fact. You “truthseekers” seem to not have any of those.

    Why you are trying to deflect the topic? Your question has absolutely nothing to do with what I’ve spoken about earlier. Truthseeker…right…


    Ditto to the above. Truthseeker….right….

    And I take it from your response that you don’t have any actual intelligent thoughts to add to the conversation, so feel free to let the big boys talk now.

    Ditto to the above. Truthseeker…right….

  34. JAPE

    @ Arse & CONfuck

    YOU asswipes are pathetic waste material. And speaking of waste, no one should waste their time trying to communicate with either of you. It’s useless and futile.
    Again, fuck yourselves or, each other. Nobody cares!

  35. JAPE

    @ arse

    Well, fuckhead, why didn’t you go into one of those branches of the military or, the Coast Guard? You’re nothing but a fucking braggart! You were RECRUITED! My ass, you were! That’s not how recruitment works, liar!

  36. Arch


    So now you’re a stalker? Were you there when the recruiting officers from each branch set up appointments to visit with me and my parents at my house to try and talk me into joining up? Oh, you weren’t? Truthseeker…right…

    I choose to go to college – that’s why I didn’t join up. Any more questions?

    Now, I want you to pay close attention: I am doing this thing called “communication.” That means that you asked a question, and I answered it. See? That’s communication.

    Ignoring questions is not communication – in fact, it just proves that you don’t have anything to say.

    Now, I’ve asked you questions – please answer them. If you are really seeking the truth, and you are so correct as you seem to act like as you parade around on your high horse, then simply answer the questions. They aren’t hard – and it would lend itself to actual communication.

    But only someone actually interested in the truth would want that.

  37. JAPE

    @ Arse

    Dumbass, I don’t believe you! Military recruiters don’t come to talk to you and your parents. You’d go to THEM without your parents, because that’s what big boys do.
    If you were getting an athletic or, academic scholarship, COLLEGE recruiters do that. Maybe the whole thing was only a dream. I can believe you didn’t go in the military (you were needed at home, LOL) but, I can’t believe you went to college. Community College? 2.7 GPA?
    Political Science? I think not. Once a school-yard bully, always a school yard bully. I DO believe THAT!

    Go away, fuckstick!

  38. Arch

    I’m starting to see that “truthseeker” is some kind of sick inside joke around here, because you obviously don’t care about the truth, but I can’t make you care about facts or truth.

    You don’t have to believe me – but it’s what happened. And, incidentally, I attended a university and I had enough scholarships that I don’t have any undergrad student loans, but I digress.

    Now how about you “truthseekers” answer a few questions? I’ve answered yours – doesn’t the left believe that everything should be “fair”?

    If what you think is correct, then you shouldn’t have any problems backing it up. I’ve asked a few simple questions – you think I’m just being, what, mean, I guess? I’d really like some answers – I, for one, am able to freely admit when I’m wrong. I know you don’t believe me, but when I know I’m wrong I openly admit it. However, I will never be convinced by broad generalizations without any support. Give facts and evidence and prove me wrong. If I’m wrong right now, then I would really, honestly like to know it.

    Since you are convinced that you’re right, I’m asking, begging, in fact, to understand your point of view. If you are really “seeking the truth” why not just answer the questions?

    And on another note: Who is more of a bully? Someone trying to open the lines of communication or someone who tells people that they disagree with to “go away”?

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