Dangerous Times

Good News!  Especially for BP . . . there has been an arrest in the NYC bomb threat.  Faisal Shahzad is naturalized American citizen, originally from Pakistan.  Specifically, froman area near Karachi known for its connections to Al Qaeda and the 2008 Mumbai massacre.

At least for this news cycle, Halliburton/Cheney/BP/Big Oil has escaped further scrutiny.  No matter, the Corporate Media has already exonerated Cheney and his associates and consiglieres from any responsibility for the irresponsibility that lead to the disaster. 

And for proof that we are living in frightening times, a NY Times poll shows that 51% of polled Americans support the new Arizona immigration law.  They were not asked if they supported the mandated racial profiling that the law would require to enforce it, or if they agreed that cultural studies should be banned, as should any teacher with a “thick” accent. 

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  1. JAPE

    @ Arse

    Before I completely ignore you… You never seem to miss a chance to brag about yourself. “I had enough scholarships.” On-line universities don’t count and neither does Bob Jones “university.” In any case, if you went to college, you would’ve had to pay attention. It’s obvious that you didn’t!

    Go the fuck away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Conservative In MN


    Well Said…Can’t agree more, Jape and MM must be except from hate speech. Didn’t you know its only us on the right full of hate speech? 🙂

    Keep up the fight! But you have to admint that Joke, sorry Jape, is a good source of humor. I figured out his philosphy: “Agree with me or Die”, sound familiar?

  3. Arch


    I went to private university, double majored in Honors Political/Social Sciences and Computer Information Systems and minored in Music. GPA 3.48 (one lousy psychology class where the prof was gone half the time and didn’t grade the work that was turned in…but I still should have worked harder to do better).

    You could have said, “What college did you go to” instead of TRYING (unsuccessfully :)) to be insulting. Truthseeker, indeed….

  4. JAPE

    @ arse

    I didn’t ask for your academic resume, because 1., It’s none of my business and 2., I’m really not that interested.

    I didn’t offer you my academic resume, because 1., It’s none of YOUR business and 2., I don’t like bragging about it.

  5. Arch

    Actually, you DID ask for my resume in an indirect way – by making unintelligent, uninformed assertions, you implicitly ask for correction. Someone who seeks the truth would know this.

    So why don’t you EVER answer any questions? If you are right, as you seem to believe that you are, then you should have answers. You either 1) Don’t have any answers or, 2) know that you’re wrong and don’t want to admit it.

    It’s just a few questions – why do you refuse to answer? You think I’m being insincere – If I’m wrong, I’d like to know it. Just answer the questions, and I’m much more likely to go away, as you seem to desire. Until I get some answers, I think I’ll stick around.

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