Donald T. and the Women

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 It’s a race to the finish – which will topple Trump first, Mueller or The Women? 

In light of the “Me Too” movement, I’m cheering for the ladies. 

Not since the era of Donna Rice, Fawn Hall, and Jessica Hawn has there been such a career-ending powerful trio of beauties as Karen McDougal, Stormy Daniels, and Summer Zervos.  But this time, there’s no Gary, Ollie, and Jim.  Just Donnie.  It’s alllllll Donnie.

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One of my favorite passages from Fire and Fury was a Bannon quote about Trump’s  lawyer Marc Kasowitz and how he “took care” of at least 100 women during the campaign.  And I don’t think he was talking about making them chicken soup.

And we now know Trump’s oily Consigliere Michael Cohen spends his days bullying and threatening Trumps victims/lovers, including threats of violence. Sometimes against a Trump girlfriend, sometimes against one of their lawyers.  CNN has more:

The attorney for Stormy Daniels accused President Donald Trump’s legal team Thursday of “engaging in thuggish behavior.”

Attorneys defending Trump and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, filed a lawsuit last week alleging Daniels violated a nondisclosure agreement “as many as 20 times,” and could owe in excess of $20 million as a result.
“Now we have a sitting US president, Chris, who is threatening to sue a private citizen for over $20 million for talking about their relationship,” Michael Avenatti told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” “It’s remarkable. I don’t think it’s ever occurred in the history of the United States.”
Avenatti went on to criticize Trump’s legal team, led by Cohen, for “engaging in thuggish behavior, threats, intimidation, and hiding the money trail.”
A couple of days later Avenatti and Cohen had a televised verbal battle that would be topping every newscast for days, but this is the age of Trump.  Nothing is shocking anymore.  It’s like season 8 of The Walking Dead.  The zombies just don’t pack the same psychological punch they did in season one.
What is stunning, kinda, is how the uber-christian evangelicals justify the immoral behavior of the pussy-grabber.  They even have a prominent evangelical’s offspring up there defending Trump in the White House briefing room for 10-15 minutes every once in awhile. They knew they were electing a pussy-grabber, but I don’t think they realized just how many of the assaulted would manage to navigate the legal maze and emerge waiving subpoenas and polygraph test results. 
Guess there aren’t enough sleazy lawyers in the universe to silence them all.  But oh, the hypocrisy!  The way they eviscerated Clinton for so much less.  The claims of piety and moral superiority while embracing a horny old con artist. 
Its entertaining, it truly is.  All the daily White House firings, the Muller indictments, the shadowy international criminals in far off island nations, the Facebook/Cabridge Analytica data mining (which is its own international scandal), the leaks pouring out of the oval office.  And there is the undeniable damage the Trump disaster has wreaked on the GOP.  That’s been lovely, and it’s not over yet!
But there’s the trade war, and Kim Jung Crazy, and Putin’s poisoning people left and right, and this unbalanced, angry child is still Commander in Chief.  Still making decisions for ALL Americans that impact our global reputation and relationships.
But until it all blows up, it’s popcorn-munching good!  Can’t wait for the Stormy Show on Sunday. 
The Season Finale of The Apprentice:White House . . .

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