I wonder what Trump’s end game is?  What do you do if your The Donald and Mueller is coming. followed by an army of porn stars? 

Mike would love to delve into the madness, but is recovering from an unscheduled trip to the epidural clinic today. The doc feels confident this facet injection will do the trick.  Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, we have an encore program tonight.  There is a light at the end of Trump tunnel, we are getting there . . . .


If you are a Kickstarter book supporter, you should’ve received a Book Update yesterday! And a FRESH chapter is soon to follow.  It’s all coming together, stay tuned.

Keep it lit!

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  1. Diana

    Dear Mike:
    Sorry to hear you’ve had back problems. Had a L4-5 disc for eight years. Had surgery in 1986…no pain since. If you need surgery use a neurosurgeon, IMO. Keep well.

    Diana in Olympia, WA.

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