Let’s hope that sound we hear is the death rattle of the GOP and it’s Ministry of Propaganda at Fox “News.”  Dent is the latest rat to jump the sinking ship.  Hannity’s Michael Cohen scandal put the final stake in the heart of Murdock’s ultimately doomed attempt to ruin America TV journalism, following the disgusting (and expensive) sexual abusers O’Reilly and Ailes, and the most recent exercise in moral turpitude by Laura Ingraham.

Meanwhile, The Don took his Crime Family to Maralago to host Japan’s Abe and aired a 20 minute infomercial disguised as a press briefing for his expansive for-profit estate.  Pretty sure that’s a violation of some emoluments or hatch act something or other, not that it matters at this point.  When the feds have your Fixer’s taper recordings, what else matters? 

Mike returns tonight, Truthseekers! Still sicker than hell and suffering severe sleep-depriving sciatica, but he could’t miss another day away from the mic during these times!  Thanks to Bob Kincaid for guest hosting last night. 

Now let’s go get these bastards!


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