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  1. Chris

    I’m really not a right winger. I have to say that because I think the whole gun discussion is out of hand. Mike has mentioned before he is a gun owner, I shoot skeet, no animals. I find it irresponsible to treat all gun owners like crazies or criminals.

    Take that article in the newspaper that listed all the gun owners in New York. Why instead of picking on legal gun owners didn’t they list people with criminal gun history instead of law abiding citizens? What was the motive?

    And I can’t understand a Government who claims to hate violence, still funds wars, conflicts and drones. IT DOES’NT pass the smell test. So what really is the agenda?

    I wouldn’t be skeptical if our Government had our best interest in mind but as of lately I don’t see anything but them taking our money and our rights like NDAA , free speech zones. Harassing peaceful Occupy demonstrators. Picking on the poor while filthy rich bankers run the show. So I might just stand with not rearranging the Second Amendment to the politicians will. It may be the only issue of common ground.

    1. chucky

      Chris….I think it’s possible that the reason the gun control debate has gotten out of control is because nobody knows how to frame their arguements properly. The people that cling to the 2nd ammendment like an infant clings to it’s binky say “Obama wants my guns”, or “You’ll take my guns from my cold, dead hands”. The people who simply want some common sense regulations put in place can’t properly explain their position, that they don’t want to get rid of all guns, but get some background checks, or banning clips containing more that 10 rounds, or stiffer prison terms for crimes committed with guns. Nobody has a need for a clip that has 100 rounds. Neither side is being effective at stating their points.

      The government hating violence? Respectfully you’re making the mistake of taking their words at face value. They may hate violence, until there’s money to be made from it. THAT is their agenda. The rich get richer. Simple as that.

      Keep one thing in mind. The governmemnt has no interest in the publics common good, or the countrys common good, or anything that would be good for you. They’re only interested in their own power, and they want to keep it and expand it further. It’s been that way for long, long time now. It doesn’t matter if we have blast some brown people and their children into red mist. That is called collateral damage, and they don’t give damn.

      By the way, did you hear that the Aurora movie theater shooter had something like 40 different guns, and about 6300 rounds of ammo? All purchased legally. He passed whatever background checks that were imposed on him. So maybe something more than background checks are needed. Just a thought.

  2. I Love Lucifer

    Regarding guns in this country, we have two problems:

    1. We have the NRA which has far too much influence on our government and major media.

    2. We have this fanatical mania prevalent in so many Americans of WORSHIP GUNS! WORSHIP GUNS! WORSHIP GUNS! GUNS AND JESUS! GUNS AND JESUS! GUNS AND JESUS!

  3. Chris

    If that round amount is true, that is crazy. And it’s crazy that didn’t send up a red flag. Will ending violent movies and video games be part of the ban the President will announce at the end of the month?

    The actress from the “Hunger Games” just won the “Peoples Choice Awards”. A movie about children killing each other to the last person.

    There is a lot to fix. Why can’t we do that without the “Big Brother” Government?


  4. j meggeson

    Progressive radio was removed from Portland OR several months ago. It’s been replaced by 24/7 sports. 🙁 and grrrrrr!

    Is Mike talking at all about a successful third party run and how to go about it? Or…an issue based movement? OWS seems to have been beaten and tasered into submission, tho I could be wrong. By third party I don’t mean Gary Johnson but I do like Jill Stein.

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