We are an “encore” Malloy show tonight, Truthseekers!  It;s Molly’s actual birthday and we’re celebrating with family.  We will return LIVE tomorrow night for Church Night!

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  1. glenn_uk

    It’s fine to have the night off for such an important event – after all, we don’t get to have too many birthdays, before they stop being something we’re really excited about. Until one reaches a good age, upon which we’re amazed and delighted to be having another!

  2. burningbush

    @FreezeFrame: I’m guessing by “actual birthday,” she means: “In our hectic lives, we sometimes celebrate birthdays and other holidays on days other than the actual day, in order to better fit into our schedules and/or to have greater participation in the event. For this birthday of Molly’s, we’re celebrating it on the actual date of her birth. Yea!”

    But I could be wrong.

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    You’re not wrong burningbush. It’s the tenth(I think)anniversary
    of Molly’s entry into this life. She has brought us a gift, and
    I thank her folks for sharing it with us. I still remember the
    night of December 24th, 2010, a cold and lonely night here, Molly
    and her dad reading the “Night Before Christmas” and all, for a
    brief time was good. Sugar plumbs ruled. Stay close Molly… 143!

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